The criminal implements the police left at the scene -- four rubber-covered police batons and one steel rod.

(Clearwisdom.net) Ming Zhongliang (male, in his 50's) was recently assigned as the head of the Development District Police Department in Weifang City, Shandong Province. Before this assignment, he was the head of Zhucheng City Police Department in Shandong Province. During that period, he operated the department and relentlessly persecuted Dafa practitioners in Zhucheng City. Three Dafa practitioners in the city were tortured to death, one after another.

Since Ming Zhongliang took the new post, he continued persecuting Dafa practitioners horribly. In June of 2003, he kept encouraging the police to abduct innocent Dafa practitioners. On the evening of June 11, he urged his police to break into Dafa practitioners' homes by climbing over the walls, prying the doors open and breaking the locks. Then they abducted three female Dafa practitioners separately, taking them to the Weifang Industrial Officials' School for attempted brainwashing. At these homes the police left four rubber-covered police batons and one steel rod, and these implements became the evidence of their persecution against Dafa practitioners.

Ming Zhongliang has not moved to Weifang City Development District yet; he is still living in Zhucheng City

His home phone: 536-6062202 ext. 6001

His office phone: 536-8863279

Weifang City Development District Police Department Phone: 536-8863279. There are personnel on duty during the night