1. Distributing Truth Clarification Materials in the

It had been raining for a few days in my city. I put dozens of copies of Falun Gong truth-clarifying pamphlets in some plastic bags, and with a pouch full of the pamphlets, I went to a small resident community and distributed the materials to one apartment after another. I did not care about the rain and kept sending forth righteous thoughts. I felt the tranquility and nonexistence of any impurity in my mind. After completing the distribution I dropped by a fellow practitioner's home. The fellow practitioner said, "I saw you distributing the pamphlets in the rain. Under the umbrella you did not notice the two policemen and their police car that was just a few yards away from you." I replied, "I did not see any policemen or police car. I was doing the best and the most righteous thing in the world, so I was invisible to them."

2. Distributing Experience-Sharing Pamphlets to Remote Areas

After downloading articles by Falun Dafa practitioners from Minghui website, I copied and then printed them into pamphlets to share with fellow practitioners. A senior couple said to me, "Your printed pamphlets are excellent. We usually accumulate the pamphlets and then take them back to our hometown to share with fellow practitioners there. Your pamphlets are so popular among practitioners in our hometown and people are waiting to see the next issue." These two senior practitioners were forced to leave their home so as to avoid the persecution. Their hometown is a poor, underdeveloped village dozens of miles away from my city. In their village no one has Internet access and they are unable to read any cultivation experience-sharing articles or download anything from the Minghui website. My printed pamphlets, other truth materials, and Falun Gong CD's have been distributed to them and then through them to other remote areas dozens or even hundreds of miles away.