Zhang Peisheng is a 40-year old, well-educated English teacher. In October 1999 she went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa. She was detained for several months and in October 2000 she was sentenced to three years in prison for distributing truth-clarifying materials. She is currently being detained and tortured in Xinxiang Women's Prison.

Sun Peijie is a 37-year old woman and the original Superintendent of Panxiang Civil Policy Office in the town of Zhangpan in Xuchang County. In December 2001, after someone who had been deceived by the anti-Falun Gong propaganda turned her in, she was sentenced to four years in prison for distributing truth-clarifying materials. Currently she is being detained and tortured in Xinmi Prison.

Bai Hongmin is 39 years old and has a Bachelor's degree. He was detained and fined several times for going to Beijing to appeal. In January 2001 he was abducted by the police and taken to a forced labor camp for three years. Currently he is being detained and tortured in Xuchang No. 3 Forced Labor Camp. He has endured immense physical and mental suffering.

Lu Shunmin is 54 years old and a resident of Wanlu Village in the town of Linjinxiang, Xuchang County. In late May 2002 he was abducted by the town police and detained in Xuchang Detention Center. Because he refused to give up his cultivation and cooperate with the evil in any way, he remains in detention. His family is poor and depends on the income he earns as an employee of a brick manufacturer. After he was abducted, his son could not afford to pay his tuition fee. Only with the help of relatives was he able to continue to go to school. Recently there was news that the police wanted to sentence his son to jail as well.

Dafa practitioners, please send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions behind this persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples.