A Dafa practitioner has his own clinic. One time an elderly farmer came to see him. Before this practitioner said anything, this farmer started to talk. "SARS was discovered last November. However, in order to continue to be the president of the National Military Commission, Jiang insisted on hiding the truth until it could no longer be covered up. He harmed the whole country. He is incapable of leading the country. His way of ruling a country is like placing a ball on top of a mountain and letting it roll on its own. It does not matter to him where the ball rolls. He created the so-called 'three represents'. They actually represent corruption, cheating, abduction and stealing..."

Someone asked, "What about Falun Gong?" This farmer replied, "There is nothing wrong with following principle of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance. They simply want to be healthy and good people. Jiang is jealous of their popularity and started persecuting the practitioners. All the self-immolation, killing, etc. are lies. Falun Gong's goodness makes him look bad!" "How come you know all of this?" someone asked him. "A young man in my family works for the government and is close to the high-level people. I heard it from him when he visited recently."

Jiang's bad deeds are known all over the country. The lawsuit against Jiang Zemin filed by Falun Gong practitioners overseas is truly the will of many people. In the court of morality, this dictator is also being brought to trial.

One director of a labor camp has a nephew who is serving in a forced-labor camp. When Dafa practitioners are persecuted and brutally tortured by the guards and detainees in the labor camp, his nephew never participated in the torture. When other people asked him, in private, why he didn't, he said that his uncle told him very early on that, "You cannot beat practitioners, no matter what. In the future, one who kills practitioners will have to repay [that deed] with his own life!" In fact, all clear-headed law enforcement staff know that this persecution will end sooner or later. All people who participated in the persecution will have a sad ending whether he does this for momentary self-interest, after being forced to, or simply for a comfortable life for the time being.

We hope that all people who have been involved in the persecution will wake up. The Buddha Fa is compassionate and it cherishes every life that has kindness. At the same time, Dafa is also solemn, and those vicious perpetrators will not escape the karmic retribution.


(Translated from the modified version of http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/5/26/51051.html and http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/5/26/51052.html)