Kind and Upright Villagers Protect a Dafa Practitioner

At about 9 p.m. on February 23, 2003, a few policemen barged into my house, and even before I had time to put on enough clothes, they had already dragged me out of the house. I thought I couldn't be taken away by the evil, so I shouted, "Help! The police are arresting innocent people!" Upon hearing the shouting, neighbors and other villagers came rushing out from their homes and formed a barricade in front of the police van. The police hurriedly pushed me into the van and tried to drive away, sounding the siren at the same time. The noise of the siren brought even more people out from their homes. All of them were trying to block the van and prevent it from leaving. I took the opportunity and slipped out of the van. I had hardly taken a few steps when two police stopped me. But, the villagers pushed them aside to open a way out for me. With the help of those kind and upright villagers, I was able to get away and resume my role in Fa-rectification.

Let's Go and Clarify the Truth

My uncle, a retired cadre, is in his seventies. I often gave him a lot of reading materials on Falun Dafa, and when he finished reading, he passed them on to his friends in the park. At the end of 2002, he told me, "Let's go and clarify the truth." He said that he would like to question the authorities about why they treated Falun Gong so badly. At the time, I found it rather inconvenient, so I did not take him along. A few days ago, my uncle told me that after reading the Dafa materials given to him, he had understood the truth, and for over a year he had not been sick. He said that he had benefited a lot from Dafa.

"Falun Dafa is Good"

One morning, I took a taxi to work. On my way I passed the local police station and saw that the electricity poles in front of the station were all coated with a layer of white paint. When I asked the driver the reason for the white paint, he quickly replied, "Don't you know? Underneath the paint was written 'Falun Dafa is good!'" Then he continued, "I heard that our chief of police even practices Falun Gong. It looks like Falun Gong can't be gotten rid of after all."