(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher said in "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference":

"You know what? When the high-level old forces arranged this tribulation, the ultimate reason was to clean out in one lot those not so good beings of the cosmos while so-called tempering Dafa disciples during this period, at the same time cleaning out the universe. That's what the old forces arranged to be done. They've placed what they want as the first priority, and not placed my objective of Fa-rectification as the number one need. So when you encounter those difficulties, do more checking of your own part, do things more righteously, and don't let the old forces take advantage of your gaps."

From the day the old forces commenced the persecution, the fabrication of rumors and deceit about murders, suicides, and deaths were plentiful, shocking and quite damaging to Dafa's reputation in China. Of course, evil forces will remain evil; their inherent nature is to obstruct Fa-rectification and to dispense shocking news to harm sentient beings. Therefore we must utilize righteous thoughts and clarify the truth to eliminate the fabricated rumors and deceitful acts. At the same time, is it necessary for us to contemplate: Why did the old forces fabricate these rumors to persecute Dafa?

Teacher said in "Towards Consummation":

"Whatever you're attached to, they have evil elements concoct lies in that regard."

In that case, is it because our whole body of Dafa disciples has various misconceptions at different levels while facing problems? It is very likely so. In particular, everyone may have different ideas, but there are problems that have common characteristics. Are these problems that require immediate solutions? If they are, then we have to pay attention to the relevant Fa lectures in our diligent study, and carefully consider Teacher's explanations in order to genuinely understand them from the Fa and prevent the old forces from taking advantage of any of our loopholes.

For example, some practitioners do not understand the arrangements of the old forces whereby some fellow practitioners lose their lives. Furthermore, in reality, there are also some fellow practitioners who are not clear about the basics of the Fa principle regarding letting go of life and death, thus giving rise to such situations. To understand letting go of life and death is to thoroughly comprehend the essence of life and death amongst humans, and because of this, they no longer have any response to the feeling of ordinary people, and it is no longer just considered death. Moreover, regarding the old forces murdering Dafa practitioners, Teacher has, during "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference", especially explained that practitioners who have doubts about this must calm down and study diligently.

There are also other aspects. For example, there are individual practitioners who have been persecuted to such an extent that they feel being dead is better than being alive. Under such circumstances, they still cannot let go of their attachments. But because they understand that Dafa is great, they do not want to betray Dafa. They develop the notion of suicide to free themselves. Other practitioners think they can understand it from the angle of the ordinary person. In response to this, Teacher clearly and explicitly stated at "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference":

"Question: If a practitioner in prison would rather give up his own life than give up Dafa, is committing suicide in violation of Dafa?

"Teacher: Committing suicide is wrong. If you were truly solid and so steadfast that you aren't even afraid of death, why would you commit suicide? Indeed your being steadfast should be taken into consideration, but how should your committing suicide be looked at? Of course, for a Dafa disciple I'll make a full assessment, I won't just look at one thing, and I'll look at it in terms of the person's whole history. But even if that act doesn't have a specific consequence, isn't it still a blemish? The reason is, Master has taught in the Fa that committing suicide is a sin. Why couldn't you conduct yourself according to the requirements of the Fa?! This isn't just a typical problem of understanding, is it? I've said that the pressure felt under that kind of evil environment is tremendous, but, then again, why did you come to the world? Did you come here just to endure ordinary tribulations? Then what awaits you?"

As a result, I realized that wherever the evil elements fabricate rumors so as to damage and obstruct, it may be a result of our whole entity having some loopholes from misconceptions. We do not recognize the old forces, but they have, in the final analysis, done damage. The old forces had the opportunity to persecute Dafa because we did not do the right things. We must bear the responsibility. Since we have enabled the old forces to do the damage, then, if there are problems in this area, we must immediately rectify them. We must henceforth recognize the problems from the Fa and find what our attachments are. Only then can we harmonize with the Fa and follow our correct and righteous path.

These are just part of my personal understanding. Please compassionately correct me if there is anything inappropriate.