I began practicing Falun Dafa in March 1999. Miraculous changes took place in my body after I finished reading through Zhuan Falun once from beginning to end. I suffered from phlebitis in my legs, clotted arteries to my brain and heart, and other serious diseases. Taking medication over the long term had been in vain. I even had a lot of trouble walking when I went to do the Falun Dafa exercises the first day. But I felt my body was as light as a feather when I came back. I would not have believed that there was such a miraculous practice if I had not experienced it myself.

Particularly in recent years of safeguarding the Fa [law and principles] and cultivating in the Fa-rectification period, miraculous things have occurred whenever I have faced a tribulation and recalled the Fa taught by Teacher. Our Fa-rectification cultivation is at the same time as the period of Teacher's Fa-rectification.

"One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils."

("Lecture Three," Zhuan Falun)


"Rectify everything that is not righteous."

("Dafa is Indestructible," Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Teacher has also said,

"How was the cosmos created? It was created just by a Great Fa Enlightened Being's one thought."

("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadephia, U.S.A")

We are the future Great Fa enlightened beings; therefore, our every single thought becomes critical. Dafa will display the might of gods if we can look inside ourselves from the perspective of the Fa in all things that occur and if we meet the standard in our cultivation so that our every single thought conforms to the requirements of the Fa, so that we think of what Teacher says, and so that we have righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Master has said, "When you conduct yourselves righteously Master can do anything for you" (Touring North America to Teach the Fa in North America). I have realized that miracles will happen as long as our every single thought is righteous when we come across tribulations. Now I'd like to share some of my experiences.


Before departing on my first trip to Beijing to safeguard Dafa in December 1999, I thought, "I must get there smoothly." Immediately after I left, my work unit, the police station, and my family members followed my tracks and got onto the same train I was taking. They searched every car in the train (I was not aware at all that I had been pursued). Even so, I still got Beijing smoothly with Master's careful arrangement and benevolent protection. When I got there, I saw that Tiananmen was full of police cars, which seized people at random. I was also grabbed and forced into a car. I was then taken to my local government's liaison office in Beijing. The policemen slapped me hard on my face because I protested against how they beat up Dafa practitioners for no reason. I fell to the floor. At that time, I felt in my heart that I hadn't done anything wrong and that I would not be hurt since Master would protect me. Immediately, I felt that my head and face seemed to be covered and protected by something. I saw blue light and colorful, golden lights flash in front of my eyes. The policemen left after they handcuffed me. Right away, I felt that what had covered my head and face was released. The other practitioners told me that my face was shining with red light. There were no bruises or bleeding on my face and I did not feel hurt at all. Everybody thought that it was miraculous.

The policemen wanted to videotape us on the train we were sent home on. I said to other practitioners, "Let's add a thought to prevent them from videotaping us." As a result, their videotape turned out to be blank.

After I got home, the policemen threatened and deceived my family members, forcing them to persuade me to give up practicing Falun Dafa. But I resolutely refused. They did not let me go even after three months, and I was detained illegally in the detention center. Then the "two conferences" (People's Congressáand the Political Consultation Conference) were about to be held in Beijing, and I wanted to go to Beijing again to safeguard the Fa. With Teacher's benevolent protection, I again made it to Beijing. I broke through all the obstacles, even though the policemen and the community office had put me under surveillance with tight monitoring and had convinced my family members to hide my money and ID card from me. Six hours after I got home, I went on my way to Beijing to safeguard the Fa once again.

In order to avoid being pursued, I took the bus and arrived in Beijing after a non-stop five-day journey. I wrote what I wanted to report in a letter on the way and made two copies. I sent one copy to the Premier of the State Department by mail after I got to Beijing. I decided to present another copy to the People's Hall in person since it was during the "two conferences." On March 8, I went to the street behind the People's Hall because Tiananmen Square and the People's Hall were filled with policemen and no one was allowed to enter. The guard stopped me and told me I was not allowed to enter the People's Hall because there was a meeting going on inside. I had to ask him to submit the letter for me. But he made a call and asked a person to come. This person took me to a yard in a small alley, where there were about twenty to thirty people in uniform.

One of them took the letter I wrote to the People's Congress and began to rip it up while cursing. I stopped him and said, "You have no right to rip up this letter because this is a letter to the representatives of the People's Congress. Only they have the right to open the letter." He slandered our respected Teacher and Dafa. I warned him with compassion and kindness, "Slandering Dafa is a sin." With my persuasion, they were changing. After a while, I demonstrated the five exercises since some of them wanted to see the exercises. I also told them that one has to cultivate his mind nature to achieve the miraculous effects. I could see that most them respected Dafa. Then, a person came and took me to a place in the Zhongnanhai compound. They searched me and took photos of me. The guard was changed every hour. Being from all over the country, the practitioners were sharing experiences in their cultivation. Most of the soldiers truly felt that Dafa was good after they heard us.

On the same day, I was sent to my local government's liaison office in Beijing. People there searched me again and took all my money and belongings away, and then put me in an empty room with no heat. I recalled Teacher's words and after I let go of the attachment, I fell asleep quickly without feeling cold. But it was too cold to endure after I woke up. One day, the security guard kicked me in my chest when he saw me sitting with my legs crossed. I touched my chest and no longer felt any pain.

On another day, the security guards seized me when they saw me passing out Teacher's article. Three tall men kicked me and beat me up for a long time. At that time I had nothing else but the Fa taught by Teacher in my heart. Surprised but feeling no danger, I believed steadfastly that they could neither beat me to death nor hurt me while I was being watched over by Teacher. They dragged me and made me stand against the wall after they became tired from beating me. They grabbed my hands and held them up in the air. But I held the wheel above my head (one of the positions of the Falun Gong exercises) as soon as they loosened their hands. After a second, I felt that my whole body began to transform dramatically. This state lasted for a long time. I felt great and comfortable. Later on, the local security officers picked us up.

After several Dafa practitioners clarified the truth to a security officer on the train, he said in the end, "No matter how good you say Falun Gong is, you will be seized and detained, and you will be treated no different from those who stole and robbed since the central government has already decreed it." I said to him seriously, "Can you distinguish what is righteous from evil and good from bad? Isn't it because of your own heart that you don't see things clearly?" I remembered that Teacher said that only Dafa can change his heart. So I began to read Teacher's poems to him. I told him about how bad society will become if human hearts are not improved. After I just finished reading to him the poem, "To be a Human," one of the public security officers said to me viciously that he would handcuff me. He went to get the handcuffs. I thought to myself, "I did not do anything wrong. All of what I did is good for you and is the most righteous. Teacher will not allow you to hurt me." The might of Dafa suppressed his evil heart, and he could not think of why he had brought the handcuffs when he came back. The one whom I criticized came back and told the practitioners who clarified the truth of Dafa to him at the beginning after several hours of rest, "She (referring to me) made it clear to me. Get me a copy of Zhuan Falun and cassettes of music after you go back home. I want to practice Dafa too."

A little after 11 p.m. on September 30, 2000, several officers from the local police station suddenly came and ransacked my home. Since there were a lot of Dafa truth-clarification materials and books at home, and also my telephone directory (full of phone numbers of other practitioners) was on the desk, I thought resolutely and calmly, "They will definitely not be able to see things that they are not supposed to see." They got nothing after searching everywhere. They detained me illegally for 16 days.

I went to Beijing once again to validate Dafa on December 29, 2000. When I reached one exit of Tiananmen Square on January 1, 2001, a large crowd of people suddenly appeared. Realizing that this was a good opportunity to validate Dafa, I unfolded a banner that said, "The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos." After the police took the first one away, I unfolded another one that said, "Falun Dafa is Good." Then after the police seized and searched me, I opened yet another two banners that said, "Restore Teacher's Good Name" and "Restore Dafa's Good Name," at different times.

There were a few bad people too. For example, there was one wicked police officer that committed many bad deeds and beat people viciously. He beat me on the chest with his fists, kicked me, and pinched me on my breast, torturing me for several hours. He asked me when he saw my crying, "Why are you crying?" I said, "You look handsome, but your heart is so filthy. You gave me a lot of virtue. You probably gave a lot of virtue to my fellow practitioners too. Aren't you sad about your eventual elimination because of all the virtue you have lost?" He said to me, "I beat you so hard, but you still think about me. Don't you hate me?" I told him that I don't have enemies. He became puzzled. He never beat anybody after that. Several days later, I was sent back to the place where I live. The local police station illegally sentenced me to forced labor camp for a year and a half after they had detained me for a month.

In the forced labor camp, the policemen wanted to make us give up cultivation practice. They manipulated the detainees (mainly the drug addicts) and had them threaten Dafa practitioners with wicked words, beat them, and curse them. There was one torture technique in which one had to stand on their toes against a wall, with two hands stretching straight outward for about 20 hours a day. Section 7 of the forced labor camp was extremely vicious. They did not allow practitioners who were steadfast in their faith to speak even a word. They even did not allow their lips to move a bit since they were afraid that they were reciting Teacher's articles.

Some Dafa practitioners could only sleep for two or three hours a night and weren't allowed to relieve themselves. The police often dragged them into the office for no reason and shocked them with high voltage electric batons. One day, the head of Section 7 dragged me into the office. She got out a big electric baton to torture me. When it was turned on, the harsh sound of the electric current was frightening. I then looked inside and realized that this was not happening because of my attachment but the evil's persecution. My righteous thought was very strong. I recalled how Teacher has said that any miracle can happen in cultivation of Dafa. "You will not be able to shock me because my body will generate power several times higher than your electric baton. Teacher will not allow you to hurt me. You will shock yourself." Consequently, the electric shock did not work on me. She thought that something was wrong with the electric baton, so she touched it with her hand. She rushed out of the door screaming in pain. She never dared to shock me with an electric baton after that.

The evil still could not reach their goal after they exhausted their tricks in more than 21 months of illegal forced labor reform and torture. They had to let me go in the end. I again joined the current of Fa-rectification, Fa-promotion, Fa truth-clarification, and saving sentient beings.