November 2, 2003


There have been reports on websites over the last week or so about the hunger strike carried out by over 100 Falun Gong practitioners detained illegally in Jilin prison. I worry for the safety and lives of my fellow practitioners. Therefore when I was reading the news, I sent forth righteous thoughts.

This persecution has been going on for over four years. During these four years, there are a few dozen practitioners in their hunger strike who have lost their lives due to forced feeding by the evil police. This is only the number from traceable cases. If a practitioner dies from persecution, the person involved in doing the persecution and the countless lives corresponding to that person's cosmos might be eliminated. Whom did we come here for?

I don't want to discuss the matter of a hunger strike itself. However, some practitioners have been using hunger strikes as standard procedures, thinking that this is the only way to break out of a brainwash class or a detention center. Is that the only ability and wisdom we have as Dafa practitioners? Is that the only method given to us by Master Li? Or is there something suppressing our ability and wisdom? Shouldn't we look within and find the cause? From studying the Fa, we all know that everyday people are all very weak, controlling the brain of an everyday person is very easy, and that those evil demons are really nothing, but they can control everyday people in order to do bad things. But Dafa practitioners have abilities and words from them carry very strong energy; therefore during interference, when we erect our hands, we can eliminate those evil demons controlling the police officers. One sentence from us can easily stop those police officers or make them turn around.

When some practitioners' homes were ransacked by the evil police or when they were illegally captured or being persecuted through other means, they stressed on one point: "What you (the evil people) say does not count, what Master Li says counts." However, if we were still scared and worried and we could not face the evil with righteous thoughts, how can Master Li help us? At that time, our xinxing had already fallen down to the level of everyday people; Master Li protects Dafa practitioners, not everyday people.

Master Li said,

"Those of you sitting here, no matter which one of you, if you cannot cultivate your xinxing to reach the level of consummation, I will not be able to do anything either. I can teach you the Fa and principles, I can help you develop gong, I can also help you to eliminate part of your karma, I can also protect you, and I can do many things that you do not know that you need during consummation, and everything you need after your consummation. But if your heart doesn't move, and if your heart doesn't improve, all these will not count. This is what I was talking about when I said that if a person's heart doesn't move, even a Buddha can't do anything." (Unofficial translation for Falun Buddha Fa - Teaching the Fa at the European Conference, May 1998)

Sometimes I ponder, "Master Li teaches us things at the level of a University, but those evil old forces give us problems at the level of an elementary school. If we can't solve it and even turn around to ask Master Li to solve it for us, then we will be ashamed to be called Dafa practitioners!"

The above is only my personal understanding; please compassionately point out anything improper.