Dafa can develop one's wisdom and endow one with righteousness no matter how old a person might be. Some child practitioners have deeply piercing insight. They can see through to the core of a matter and the essence of a problem and express their understandings frankly without any selfishness.

Little Hongfei is a five-year-old practitioner. Hongfei's grandmother just told me some stories about cultivating with her granddaughter.

One afternoon, little Hongfei and her grandmother were drinking water together. Little Hongfei's third eye opened and she saw a Falun in the ladle which she used to fill her mug. She asked her grandma: "Did you see that? There is a Falun in my ladle?" Her grandma did not see anything, but in order to not lose face in front of her granddaughter she said: "Oh, ya! There is a Falun. I saw it." Then she added, "I can see whatever you can not see." Later, little Hongfei said: "Grandma, you never saw anything and yet you even said that you can see whatever I cannot see. This is jealousy." All of sudden, the grandma realized that she had too much sense of vanity, and she flushed with embarrassment.

Little Hongfei is always a good girl in her kindergarten. Whoever in the kindergarten behaves well gets a sticker as a reward. One day little Hongfei came home with four stickers. Her grandma was very happy and hugged her, saying: "Oh, my dear baby. How good you are to get four stickers!" Thinking like a practitioner, little Hongfei said: "Grandma, this is zealotry! You are not supposed to be overexcited."

One night, grandma accompanied little Hongfei to attend a children's English class. Little Hongfei sat by herself in a seat in the very front. Later on another child came with her parent. When the parent saw that Hongfei was sitting all alone in a good seat, she bullied Hongfei into taking a seat far off to the side so that her child could sit up front. Hongfei's grandma saw this happening and got up to call Hongfei back to her original seat. The parent then reluctantly took her child to get a seat against the wall. After class Hongfei and her grandmother went back home. As they were walking home, little Hongfei said: "Grandma, do you know when I returned to sit in my original seat my face was flushed with embarrassment? I felt very sad and embarrassed to see you competing with others." Her grandma admitted that she had not kept calm at that moment when she saw an adult bullying a child. She recognized that she had not kept up her own xinxing.

Little Hongfei often says wise things that only a practitioner would be able to say. Adults who do not practice Dafa might feel it is inconceivable that a child could be so wise.

For example, one day little Hongfei said to her auntie: "You are not the disciple of our master but you have to recognize that Dafa is good."

One time she said to her grandma: "Master gives us so many good things. You do not cherish them but instead, you are still holding so many attachments. A practitioner is supposed to throw the black matter, the rotten things, into the garbage can. Never pick up those things; otherwise, you'll become like garbage...We have to dissolve these attachments like ice cubes melting."

Little Hongfei often told me of the beautiful scenes that she saw in other dimensions. She is only five so she is not yet attending elementary school. She cannot read many words. One time after we finished meditation, she said: "I just saw Master again and saw many words written by a brush pen. I could only recognized two words, 'Zheng Fa" (rectifying the Fa.)" She can see master whenever she meditates. Sometimes she sees beautiful scenes of flying heavenly beauties spreading flowers about.

Little practitioners, though very young in this world, usually have much purer hearts and can see the essence of a problem more easily. We adults should be more humble. We should listen to the advice of these little practitioners, and truly regard and cherish our own children as Dafa practitioners, and help them to learn the Fa more deeply so as to be more diligent altogether.