(Clearwisdom.net) I am twenty-four years old. I obtained Dafa in 1998. I was partially paralyzed for sixteen years but now I can work. This is a true story of a miracle that occurred after I began practicing Dafa. I hope our artist practitioners can put together a cartoon based on my true story and publish it on the Clearwisdom.net.

Miserable Times during the Sixteen Years

I had tuberculosis when I was four years old. A medical accident during treatment caused paralysis in the left side of my body accompanied by mental retardation. My situation broke my parents' hearts. Doctors persuaded them to give up medical treatment, for there was no cure. However, my father wouldn't give up on me and he tried all means possible to find cure for me. After I was released from the hospital, I still could not stand up, not to mention walk. Dad made a pushcart specifically to help me walk. Under my parents' care I finally could walk with the help of crutches, but my left leg was still beyond my control and I often fell. Once I tripped and fell heavily to the ground, causing a 2-inch long cut on my left knee. The scar is still visible today.

When I was in elementary school, my parents had to send me to and pick me up from school everyday. I would sweat upon just walking a few steps. For the past 16 years, I have been a long-term patient for my family. My parents and sister took turns taking care of me, never leaving my side. For sixteen years, I never had any contact with the outside world and had no friends. I was in an isolated world. I had been pondering the meaning of life, hoping to find a way to escape from the suffering. I was in tears all day long, worrying about my future. I once even thought of ending my life.

In 1993, a Russian doctor came to visit our county hospital. It was said he specialized in treating paralysis. Upon learning of this news, my father immediately brought me to see the doctor. However, the doctor said I wouldn't be cured unless I went to Russia to have surgery performed on my skull. At that time, he only gave me two bottles of pills. However, I became more mentally retarded after taking the pills. I would often smash my bowl to the ground during mealtime. Later my parents hired a therapist to come massage me twice every day. My pain would lessen for about 10 minutes after the massage, but it would quickly return. Desperate, my parents found a witch doctor to see me, only to bring more trouble to my body.

For those 16 years, my parents spent all their savings on my medical treatment, but it still did not help much. I had been longing to see a God come bring me home. I struggled with such a dream in my heart.

Teacher Gave Me a Second Life

One day in 1998, I had a dream. For two days in a row, I had exactly the same dream. In my dream I saw a round object (now I know that it was a Falun) coming from the remote sky and landing in our courtyard. When I got close to it, I saw it emitting a rainbow-like circle of light. I was enveloped in the circle and felt incredibly wonderful. It was the first time ever in my life to have such a wonderful feeling. I hurriedly called my parents and sister to come take a look, but they saw nothing there. Only I could see the light circle. I had a hunch that this was a sign that a God was coming to save me.

Soon after I had the dream, my aunt introduced Falun Gong to me. After she told me, "Buddha saves pre-destined people," I immediately saw scenes in other dimensions and my memory was suddenly unlocked, "This is my world. This is the place I have sought for so many years." I was so delighted to see Teacher in the first video lecture that I said in my heart, "Teacher, I have finally found you." From that day forward, I became so happy, as if I was completely changed into another person. During the second day of reading Zhuan Falun, the large lump that had formed on my chest over the course of sixteen years disappeared. I was very happy and told everyone: "Dafa is truly miraculous." My parents and sister were very happy for me.

Just several days after I obtained the Fa, I regained control of the left side of my body. My heart diseases, stomach problem, and limb fatigue all disappeared. While my stomach was being purified, what I threw up was all greenish fluid. I felt sharp pain while my heart was being purified. Nonetheless, I persevered through the pain. Several days later I could do the exercises. At first, the exercises were difficult for me, but I insisted on practicing on a daily basis. Meanwhile, I strictly followed the requirements of the Fa. Two months later, I could easily do the exercises and walk with ease. Later, I could ride my bicycle to join in the morning exercises every day. I no longer needed any medicine. Dafa not only improved my physical health but also purified my mind. I am no longer mentally retarded. My mind has become swift and sharp. I can talk smoothly. Later, my father found me a job, and I go to work every day. I proved the extraordinary effect of Dafa and the mighty power of Teacher. The people who know me can see a piece of the magnificence of Dafa for themselves.

Teacher Encourages Me to Validate Dafa

On July 20, 1999 other practitioners and I went to Beijing to appeal, but we were blocked in Tianjin. Our local police came to Tianjin to pick us up. After taking us back to our hometown, they interrogated us over night. I said to the police, "Before taking up the practice of Falun Gong, I never knew what the streets were like downtown even though I live nearby. Now isn't it Falun Gong that enabled me to go to Beijing? It is our Teacher who has given me a second life. It is wrong to ban Falun Gong!"

Ever since the persecution started, evil blanketed the entire country. Everywhere the police were ransacking practitioners' homes, looking for Dafa books and arresting practitioners. I had one thought, "I would seal off the alley entrance leading to my home, as well as those of my fellow practitioners, with my gong, so that the evil can't come in to harass us." Then I had a dream in which I saw Teacher pointing at the alley entrance. Upon taking a look, I saw layers upon layers of colorful aura at the entrance. When I woke up, I realized that Teacher was telling me that my gong had really sealed off my home and those of my fellow practitioners. As a matter of fact, none of my fellow practitioners, including myself, have had our homes ransacked or been harassed. All of us are cultivating and clarifying the truth without any trouble.

My mind was not very righteous the first time I went out to clarify the truth, but then Teacher's Fashen (law body) appeared in front of me. He was so compassionate, and I was very encouraged. Over the past several years, I clarified the truth every day on my way to work. There was a snowstorm one winter. On my way to work, I waded through the thick snow and distributed several flyers. At night, I dreamt that it was not flyers, but spinning Faluns that I had distributed. I was truly encouraged and had no fear in truth clarification. One time I posted two stickers with truth-clarifying materials and was discovered by two other people. They read while discussing with each other. I sent forth righteous thoughts, "I am saving you. What I am doing is the most righteous thing." Humming a song entitled "Falun Dafa is Good," I left the alley safely.

Under Teacher's protection and encouragement, I have never encountered any danger. During the four years after obtaining the Fa, my life has been filled with joy and happiness. My face is always full of smiles. All this was given by Dafa and our compassionate Teacher. I can only strive forward to repay Teacher's benevolence.