I am a young Dafa practitioner who first began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. Some time ago I was forced to leave home and go into hiding to escape the persecution. Despite becoming homeless, I diligently continued Fa-rectification work with fellow practitioners. From Teacher's repeated hints, I came to realize that my family members were also sentient beings who waited for salvation. I included the following thoughts when sending forth righteous thoughts each day: Eliminate the interference in all dimensions with respect to my family members, as well as all evil elements including the old forces, that prevent me from offering salvation to my family members. I finally was able to overcome this long-term tribulation with Teacher's compassionate guidance, and return home.

After returning home, I was faced with daily critical challenges. I had to cultivate in a family environment and manage limited time resources, and needed to validate the Fa. To help my family overcome their deep-seated anxieties and false perception of Falun Dafa, I changed my behavior towards them. I showed my family through my actions that I truly cared for them. I willingly shared the housework and took care of the elderly and the children. At the same time, I clarified the truth to my family every chance I got.

In addition, I continued diligently with the three things that Teacher requires us to do: I continued to study the Fa and cultivate myself; I continued to send forth righteous thoughts; and I thoroughly clarified the truth. Even though I was too busy with all of the aforementioned tasks and did not get enough sleep, I felt incredibly light-hearted and at peace. I know in my heart that Dafa practitioners are carrying out the wishes they made before the history of mankind. They help our revered Teacher in his grand mission of offering salvation to sentient beings. Therefore I eliminated many obstacles facing me, and will without doubt continue diligently to perfect and harmonize my Fa-rectification work.