[Editor's note: "Train Derailment in Fushun" was broadcast on national TV on prime time news.]

(Clearwisdom.net) Dou Zhenyang, a Falun Gong practitioner from Fushun City, called the Mayor during the 2001 Spring Festival and demanded the unconditional release of his wife, Wang Guoying, who had been kidnapped by local authorities. He was then accused of "overturning a train" by those who persecute Falun Gong in Fushun city. After being tortured three times, Dou Zhenyang "confessed" to the false charges. After torturing him, the evil policemen sent him to a detention center, but he was rejected on the spot. The head of the detention center said, "This man has been beaten senseless. His death could come at any moment."

"610 Office" personnel dared not send Dou Zhenyang home, so they sent him to his workplace. In a public trial one month later, Dou Zhenyang shouted, "I confessed to false charges under coercion. I was wronged." Dou Zhenyang was sentenced unjustly to imprisonment for life and is now in Lingyuan Prison.

When Dou Zhenyang was sent to jail, police did not allow his family to see him off. The "610 Office" did not spare even his two children, who were eleven and nine years old. Police often went to the school to threaten the two children and, as a result, they were often terrorized with fear. Two seniors in their seventies living in Dou Zhenyang's home live a very difficult life.

Dou Zhenyang's wife Wang Guoying is also being detained unjustly in Shenyang Women's Prison and has been sentenced to three years' imprisonment.

The involvement of Falun Gong in the case of the "Train Derailment in Fushun" as broadcast by the CCTV was sheer fabrication.