(Clearwisdom.net) When I read on Clearwisdom.net about Falun Dafa practitioners being tortured to death, handicapped, driven to mental disorder, or forced to jump from buildings, my heart is filled with sorrow. It is indeed an evil test and Dafa disciples are truly great. Some practitioners who have not gone through the severe persecution, however, feel that they are not as great. Personally, I don't think it right to have such a thought. The greatness of Dafa disciples does not reside in being persecuted. Rather, one can always validate Dafa and save sentient beings with righteous thoughts and behavior at any time and under any circumstance. We should completely deny the test, which is actually a persecution in disguise, and eliminate the arrangement of the old forces.

In the name of testing Dafa, the old forces make Dafa disciples lose their jobs, their life resources, their families, and even their lives. They provoke hatred towards Dafa among ordinary people by spreading lies. They try to shake Dafa disciples' righteous belief in Dafa by means of torture and brainwashing. They deceive many innocent beings into opposing Dafa while ruthlessly persecuting practitioners. This kind of arrangement is evil in itself. In fact, without the evil test, Dafa disciples could go straight to Consummation because Master would give all beings benevolent solutions and bestow eternal life upon them.

As veteran practitioners remember, before the persecution started, Dafa disciples had already walked through a difficult path. When assigned an apartment, they gave it to their co-workers whose housing conditions were worse. Isn't that letting go of the attachment of fame and self-interest and stepping forward from ordinary people? When going through the release of karma, some practitioners endured unbearable pain by following what Master says, "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." Some practitioners, when hit by vehicles, were only thinking of the drivers' well being. How could they be like that if they hadn't let go of the attachment to life and death? Dafa disciples are thus validating the solemnity of Dafa with their words and actions.

Of course, Dafa disciples are not completely mature and they still have shortcomings. But we have Zhuan Falun as our guide in cultivation. Master also constantly writes articles to rectify any deviation of disciples. It is inarguable that the greatness of Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period is a result of long term Fa-study and cultivation of Xinxing. Yet the old forces arranged all this to make sentient beings oppose Dafa, thus making it more difficult to save them.

Master has bestowed life and the cultivation environment to the disciples. No one has any right to take it away. Let's treasure what we have and completely deny the arrangement of the old forces.