January 1, 2002


I am a Dafa disciple who has been persecuted in the Gaoyang Labor Camp in Baoding. Now, I am exposing the vicious situation in the Gaoyang Labor Camp to the public.

Once Falun Gong practitioners arrived at the labor camp, the first thing they experienced was an illegal body search by the policewomen. All the practitioners were forced to remove their clothing piece by piece, until they had nothing on. There were no exceptions, even for women practitioners who were menstruating. Any reluctance would cause them to receive severe beatings, kicks, and slaps to the face. If one had not seen this before, it would be hard to imagine that they treated kind Falun Gong practitioners so brutally.

After the body search, the practitioners were forced to write guarantees that they would not do the exercises or promote Falun Gong, etc. Otherwise, they would be brutally beaten by several policewomen. Afterwards, they were sent to the forced brainwashing classes, which consisted of three or four female officers and an ordinary prisoner who they trusted as a monitor. Newly incoming Dafa disciples were closely monitored 24 hours a day and tightly controlled so that they could not speak with anyone. In addition, they brought collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] to the forced brainwashing classes all day long. Practitioners who did not give up the practice were sent to the forced brainwashing classes, where they were not allowed to sleep and were interrogated by shifts of policemen. The police used electric batons to shock them, even using several electric batons simultaneously at times. In addition, large electric batons were often applied. Besides being beaten, kicked or slapped in the face, the practitioners were often forced to squat for long periods of time while facing a wall. The practitioners were brutally forced to do labor-intensive physical work such as carrying dirt, road-construction, etc. Almost all possible means were used to torture the practitioners in order to forcefully brainwash them. For example, they forced the practitioners to watch videos of collaborators, and the collaborators also surrounded them all day to spread their erroneous understandings.

Those practitioners who gave in under pressure at the labor camp constantly publicized their Solemn Declarations, voiding their previous statements. They once again started to cultivate Falun Dafa. The labor camp officers were very angry and grew more frenzied over this. They brought such practitioners out and brutally tortured them individually.

At the Gaoyang Labor Camp, I met Zhao Yuhuan, a practitioner who was transferred from the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp because she did not give up the practice. Since her first day entering the Gaoyang Labor Camp, she absolutely refused to follow any request, order, or demand given by the vicious policemen. The evil people did not know what to do with her. She maintained righteous beliefs and righteous thoughts, and did not eat a meal while in the labor camp. In this way, she used her life to validate Dafa. The vicious police hung her up by her cuffed hands for several days. On one afternoon, when Zhang Ruiying--a collaborator from Chengde City who was appointed monitor of the brainwashing class--found Zhao reciting Teacher's Hongyin (a collection of Teacher's poems), she came and slapped Zhao in the face. Then, several collaborators came and took turns slapping Zhao. One of them picked up a shoe from the floor and used it to beat Zhao in the face until her mouth severely bled. Zhao did not give in, but instead continued to recite the poems. Next, they started looking for things to stuff in Zhao's mouth. One collaborator went to the bathroom looking for a dirty sanitary pad, though she could not find one. She then took a dirty mop and stuffed part of it into Zhao's mouth. That evening, an officer named Wei came and asked Zhao if she would continue to recite the poems. With no fear at all, Zhao said, "Falun Dafa is good, and Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa." This vicious man then asked a criminal (who used to be a drug addict) to come and brutally beat her. She kicked Zhao's stomach hard, and blood came out of Zhao's mouth. Still, she kept saying out loud that Falun Dafa was good. The vicious people then took her away. Since then, I have not seen Zhao, such an honorable Dafa disciple. I have only heard that she was very determined, and that she steadfastly refused the vicious brainwashing.

The Gaoyang Labor Camp also deceived its superiors and deluded its subordinates. When the higher officers came for an inspection, they asked the collaborators to be prepared. They also concocted some questions and answers to deal with the visiting journalists, as well as questions to be raised during the provincial officers' visit. They even asked people to dance for appearance sake.