(Clearwisdom.net) A group of police officers from a particular police station in Wuzhishan City of Hainan Province are trying to earn money and get promoted by persecuting Falun Gong. They forcefully break into and search the houses of Falun Dafa practitioners without any warrants. One practitioner had his house ransacked five times within four months. When the practitioner asked them why, they replied, "When we want to search, we can search; we search to find evidence." This is one more solid example disproving the so-called "best time of human rights in China's history."

On the morning of March 6 of this year, Officer Zeng Yuying and a dozen other police officers went to the house of a practitioner. Upon entering the house he pointed to a red article of clothing and said, "She wore this red jacket last night while handing out flyers." When the practitioner showed them the clothing, it proved to be a skirt which did not even fit her. He then shouted, "It was her who was handing out the flyers on the stairs, and I talked to her myself!" Then the practitioner questioned him and said, "If so, why you didn't arrest me then? Do you have witnesses? In fact, I wore a black outfit last night. Why do you make up stories about me?" Zeng was rendered speechless. At that time, the police, searching everywhere, could find nothing but a statement written in support of Dafa. Zeng was very happy and said, "That's great, that's what we want and it's the evidence. We will hold you as a suspect for one month, then we will charge and sentence you. Bring the little one as well."

The practitioner rushed to hold her second daughter, who is only eleven years old. She spoke sternly to them, "This child is not an adult yet; to arrest her is violating the law. If you do so, I will resist with my life." Thus they didn't take the child away. Several policemen forcibly separated them, and carried the practitioner out to their vehicle and threw her in. She was brought to the police station. She was handcuffed, and because the handcuffs were too tight they caused a sharp stabbing pain. She knew she should resist all the requests from the evil.

This left her two daughters without their parents again. Last November, their father was taken away to be questioned by the police and to this day he has not been released. When their mother was held in the Provincial Women's Labor Camp, these two sisters had to work together to survive. They cried a lot. Those days have deeply affected the two sisters. Now when they recall that experience, they become very upset and cry, "I want my mom, I want my mom back." The two sisters went to the police station to ask for their mother's release. They spoke loudly to the police, "Return my mom! If you don't, we will stay here forever. What kind of crime did our mom commit? Every time you arrest people you lie to us by saying it is no problem and they will be back very soon, but you make them stay in jail instead. We don't believe you any more. We want our mother back. We will live and die with our mom!" Because the police had no evidence, they had no option but to release this practitioner. When the handcuffs were opened, her hands had lost feeling and were severely swollen, and very painful. These three, the mother and her two daughters, were tremendously sincere, determined and succeeded in resisting this inhuman persecution. Their strength allowed them to finally be reunited in their home.