(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 51-year-old female Dafa practitioner. At 9 p.m. on June 3, 2001, I was illegally arrested at my home by police from the Public Security Bureau of Suning County. At the Public Security Bureau, policemen Li Chenxiang, Zhang Jinze and others tortured and interrogated me cruelly, and insulted me with extremely obscene language. They beat me until I was bruised all over, dizzy, and hardly able to walk. Zhang Jinze pulled my hair forcefully and beat my mouth with the sole of a shoe, and rubbed my mouth with very coarse cloth causing my lips to become red, swollen, and cracked, which made me unable to open my mouth or to eat anything.

The police first handcuffed my hands behind my back in a way that caused my hands to become red and swollen with bloody traces. My shirt became dripping wet with sweat due to the extreme pain. The next torture was to insert a bar about 2" thick and 4 feet long in between my legs, they then lifted me up and dropped me to the floor several times; They forced me to sit on the floor with my knees bent, forcing me to hold my legs with my handcuffed hands. They then inserted the wooden bar between the upper part of my arms and the lower part of my knee. Zhang Jinze sat on a chair with his feet on the two sides of the bar and rocked it up and down. At the same time, he pulled my hair to force my face up while using a cigarette to blow smoke at and burn my nose. I was in agony from all of these tortures.

Then he trod heavily on my cheeks, rubbing his feet back and forth. Next he forced me to squat down with my thighs leveled. Since the torture had worn me down, I couldn't support myself and could not do it. Zhang then kicked my lower legs and ankles, causing my legs to immediately swell up. With muscle cramps and a shivering body and head, I couldn't control myself. Instead of stopping the torture, the policeman cursed me and said I was just pretending to be weak. He asked his aides to come in to hold me up by the hair. He then hit my face, arms, and legs with an electric baton, pricked my arms with needles, and burned my body with a cigarette. My shivering body just could not support me any longer. Still not satisfied, Zhang repeated the torture twice, forcing me to "confess," to tell him whom I was working with. I answered, "Clarifying the truth and exposing the evil are the responsibilities of every Dafa practitioner, nobody has to force me to do this." He was shamed into anger and slapped my face heavily while pulling my hair, causing me to lose consciousness twice. As soon as I woke up, Zhang Jinze hit my hips heavily with a stick until it broke. Finally, they dragged me to another room and handcuffed me to the radiator.

After Zhang became tired from torturing me, the crueler Li Chenxiang came in. He pricked my fingertips with needles. He then pulled my hair and with full force knocked my head against the wall four or five times, which caused me to lose consciousness and become unable to open my eyes for a long time. In a muddled state, I felt someone whipping my arms with a leather belt, and I lost consciousness for a full day. I was in such extreme pain that I couldn't eat or drink at all. Since I have always faced evil with righteous thoughts and my unshakable belief in Dafa, I finally broke through the tribulation of life and death in those three days.

The lawless policemen like Li and Zhang used their cruelty to torture a peasant woman and send me to a forced labor camp illegally. All the suffering cannot shake my belief in Dafa. I hope that all people will draw a clear line between righteousness and evil, between kindness and savage cruelty.

July 5, 2001


The following is a list of those who persecute Dafa practitioners in Suning County, Hebei Province.

Head of the Police Brigade: Li Chenxiang, Zhang Jinze.

Phone: 86-317-5022245

Director of the County Public Security Bureau: Li Zhiyuan

Vice Director of the County Public Security Bureau: Yu Jinbiao

Party secretary of the political and legislative committee: Wu Aijun

Party secretary of the county: Bao Tiezhuang

Head of the county "610" office: Liu Guoqing