On March 5th, a few upholders of justice managed to intercept the city of Chungchun's cable TV network and televise two programs, "Falun Dafa all Over the World" and "Self-Immolation or a Staged Act?" The broadcast clarified the truth and brought justice to over a million viewers. This was an act of chivalry and public acclaim. It gave an opportunity to viewers to see the positive side of Falun Gong, thereby counteracting the lies of the propaganda that had been deceiving the public all along. Furthermore, through word of mouth, more people are getting a clearer picture of the whole issue. To Jiang, Luo and their gang who have been relying on obscurity and lies to fool the public, the two televised programs are undoubtedly a big blow.

For the last two years, the Jiang/Luo gang has caused the deaths of over 1,600 people by ignoring the laws of the country. There are over 100 thousand people still in prisons and detention camps. Recently, an order was passed to "shoot to kill" any practitioners putting up banners and posters. At first, Jiang still tried to deny it, but later continued by saying that the whole world was standing by his side. Now the documentary "Falun Dafa all over the world" has exposed his lies. Even the evil gang members can see for themselves: The day the public learns the truth is the day their rule will end. This is the main reason why such displays of the truth drive Jiang into a state of frenzy.

Revealing the truth is not a crime, and someone who dares to speak out the truth, even under suppression, deserves our continued respect. Today, over one hundred million people are being persecuted. After two years and seven months, some defenders of justice have dared to come out and broadcast the truth to the public. To do that, these people have actually put their lives at stake, with only one purpose in mind: to let more people see the truth and not be beguiled by the lies, and to thereby bring the public a better tomorrow. In the not too distant future, people will see for themselves from this vital page of history that those who have missed the opportunity to recognize the truth due to blocks in their thinking will regret it forever. The ones who continue to carry on with their evil acts will receive due retribution.