(Clearwisdom.net) On March 5th a Falun Gong truth clarification program was aired on eight channels of Changchun's cable television network. On March 7th, as soon as I heard of this brilliant achievement of Changchun's Falun Dafa practitioners, I called the Changchun police. The policeman I spoke to made the following remarks:

  1. I've watched it. But it wasn't finished. Tell me, how did it end?
  2. What's next? Tell me quickly. Why could some areas receive the programs on March 5th, while other areas couldn't?
  3. Here's my address, mail me the truth-clarifying CD...
  4. You don't need to mail me the piece about good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil, siince almost every family gets it at their door everyday.

I clarified the truth to him for more than an hour, but he still didn't feel he had enough. He worried that the phone call would cost me too much and felt at ease later when I told him it was relatively inexpensive.