(Clearwisdom.net) As at many other forced labor camps, authorities at Handan Labor Camp closely follow orders from the Chinese dictator and his regime to torture Dafa Practitioners, slander Dafa and defame our benevolent Teacher. In April and August 2001, camp personnel twice employed forced brainwashing campaigns. The so-called brainwashing is actually a variety of tortures intended to destroy Falun Dafa practitioners' beliefs.

Guards encouraged criminal inmates to hold so-called "criticism-and-denunciation meetings" against Dafa practitioners. They shouted all kinds of slandering words against Dafa and our Teacher. Criminal inmates (non-practitioners) who refused to repeat the slander were scolded and beaten. Whenever Dafa practitioners were assigned to a group, the guards would also deny all the other inmates TV and regular sleep. The intent was to create conflict and hatred against Dafa practitioners among inmates. Dafa practitioners jailed in the same cell were forbidden to talk, or even hand over anything to one another. Four other inmates monitored each practitioner to limit his freedom. The practitioners were watched during meals, sleeping, walking, even bathroom trips. Even under such harsh conditions, Dafa practitioners' determination did not waver. Whenever they saw each other during walks or meals, they would exchange eye contact and feel great support.

Realizing that they could not break the practitioners' determination, the guards used the most pathetic, the dirtiest and the most evil means to torture them. Guards ordered other inmates to abuse practitioners with rubber and wooden sticks, tie-up boards, belts, needles, toothbrushes, bamboo needles and benches. The guards declared, "Any one tortured to death will be treated as suicide case." Some practitioners were tortured for hours. Even the abusers were exhausted at the end. Some practitioners were hung up and tortured. As results, some practitioners suffered severe wounds in the buttocks. A practitioner's eardrum was ruptured and blood rushed out of the ear. Another practitioner's sternum was damaged. The guards beat a practitioner so hard that his kidneys were damaged. The victim had to stay in hospital for several months, costing thousands of Yuan in medical bills. Lower back injury and passing out during torture were commonplace. Sometimes the wooden pole and tie-up board were broken. The abusers even used needles to pierce practitioners' fingernails. They stabbed practitioners' mouths with a toothbrush. Some passed out during the torture, so the criminals would pour cold water on them to wake them up and continue. They would not even go easy on senior citizens.

The guards knew what they did was wrong and they were afraid of being exposed. They banned visits by family members. They restricted clinical visits by wounded practitioners. Practitioners were forced to work with untreated injuries. The guards talked very vulgar and dirty. They hid their wickedness, deception, and cruelty with fake smiles. Their conduct added more detail to the logbook of persecution by Jiang's corrupt regime. History will forever remember these atrocities.

Currently, the evil acts are still playing out and the persecution is escalating. We ask all fellow practitioners who read this article to please join us in sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.