1. Grandson is unhurt

In a southwestern county of China there is a three-generation family living together. Thanks to a Falun Dafa practitioner's persistent efforts in clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa, they have come to understand that Jiang and his followers are lying. Most of them respect and support Falun Dafa, but one family member is a local official who is afraid of coming into contact with Falun Gong. An accident involving another family member quickly changed his mind.

A three-year-old grandson is the youngest member of the family. One day he was hit by a truck while playing on the side of a road. Everyone on the scene thought he must be dead or seriously injured. He was sent to a hospital, where it was discovered that he wasn't hurt a bit. His family members understood that he was protected because of their righteous stance on Falun Dafa, and now the official is no longer resistant to his family reading the truth-clarifying materials.

2. Taxi driver emerges unhurt from an accident and wants to practice Falun Dafa

A Falun Dafa practitioner often clarifies the truth to a taxi driver. Upon learning the facts, the taxi driver shared the information with his friends and colleagues. Through this many people begin to see Jiang and his follower's lies. One day, the taxi driver was involved in a collision, and his car was seriously damaged. The driver came out without a scratch. Other people found this to be incredible. He knew clearly that it was attributed to his respect for Falun Dafa and his spreading the truth to others. He told the practitioner, "Falun Gong is just so good. I will definitely practice it!"

3. Store manager: I believe what you say is true

A 68 year old female practitioner who lives in the countryside often went to a market to hand out flyers clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. She was eventually arrested and sent to a forced labor camp. When she was finally released after enduring this tribulation, she visited the market again. A store manager who had gotten Falun Dafa flyers from her earlier recognized the practitioner. She grabbed her, pulled her to a safe place, and said, "You finally came again! I read the flyers. I believe what you said is true. They are certainly lying! I kept all the materials you gave me. Last time, someone from the government asked us to hand in the flyers but I didn't do it."

4. Manager of a clothing store: You Dafa practitioners are terrific. I admire you!

A practitioner's relative is in the clothing business. He didn't like his relatives practicing Falun Gong. They told him the facts about Falun Dafa but he didn't want to listen. Once he happened to visit Hong Kong, where he encountered many Falun Gong practitioners who clarified the truth and helped him with various things. His antipathy slowly diminished, and he became more and more willing to listen. At last, he understood the truth. When he returned home, he announced to his family members, "This time, I really learned the truth. Falun Gong is indeed innocent. You Dafa practitioners are really terrific, I admire you! For such a good practice, you should continue to do your best. I support you!"

5. Engineer refuses to develop device to trace practitioners

The police department in a city asked a senior engineer to develop a device for tracing and monitoring Falun Dafa practitioners. The engineer knew that this would be wrong and declined the request.

November 23, 2002