A practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Xun Ruilin (1953-2002), a practitioner from Cheng'an County, Handan City in Hebei Province passed away on September 8, 2002 after nine days of brutal torture by the police. He safeguarded the Fa of the universe and left us with his heart determined and faithful to the principles of the universe.

Xun Ruilin attained the Fa at the beginning of 1997. Since then, he persistently cultivated himself and spread the Fa. In order for practitioners in the remote countryside to have Teacher's articles in a timely manner, he made many trips to deliver these materials. Regardless of ice and snow, bitter cold, intense heat, or thunder and rain, nothing could stop him from assisting Teacher in the course of the Fa-rectification. His family members and close friends often joked that he was looking for hardships for himself. He just smiled and said nothing. In his mind, it was the happiest and luckiest thing for him to have obtained the Fa and to be able to assist Teacher during Fa-rectification.

After July 20th, 1999, Xun Ruilin threw himself into clarifying the truth and safeguarding the Fa. He had been arrested three times and never compromised with the persecutors. After his third arrest, he sat in the double-crossed leg position for 24 hours and kept reciting the Fa, which greatly encouraged other practitioners in the prison. After a six-day hunger strike, he was unconditionally released.

On August 31, 2002, an experience-sharing conference was held in Cheng'an County. The police arrested all 68 practitioners attending the conference. Since the police in Cheng'an County had dealt with Mr. Xun previously and had failed, they didn't know how to handle him. At that time, someone in Linzhang County turned him in. The police in Cheng'an County and Linzhang County sent Xun Ruilin to the police department in Linzhang County for further persecution.

Xun Ruilin immediately started a hunger strike to protest his illegal arrest and to demand his immediate release. He refused to say anything during interrogations by the police. As a result, the police brutally tortured him. When the police in Linzhang County force-fed him for the second time, Xun Ruilin passed away from all of the torture that he had endured. Dozens of policemen in Linzhang County watched his remains to prevent them from being taken away by his family members and to keep the outside world from finding out the truth. The police in Linzhang County cremated his body without permission from his family members, but that did not prevent the news from leaking out all over the entire Handan region.

There are still dozens of practitioners being illegally detained in Cheng'an County and refusing to give in to the persecution. The police are torturing them even more viciously. There is inside news that several practitioners have been tortured to the verge of the death. The police threatened, "Unless you give in, you will never be released even if you die."

We hope that fellow practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate all the evil factors in other dimensions behind the persecution in the Cheng'an County and the Handan region.

List of Criminals:

1. Police Department of Cheng'an County

Tel: 86-310-7211245, 86-310-7210110

Address: Cheng'an Police Department, Handan City, 056000

Director: Li Zhide

Assistant director: Lu Jiangang

Political and Security Office: Tian Desheng, Yang Shihua

Police station: Wang Xuejun, Hou Dongfeng, Fan XX

2. Police Department of Linzhang County

Tel: 86-310-7866050

Address: Linzhang Police Department, Handan City, 056000

Assistant director: He XX

Political and Security Office: Li Shuang

Police station: Dong Li

November 24, 2002