(Clearwisdom.net) On August 30, 2002, afraid of being seen during the day, policemen from the Zhengtou police station stealthily broke in practitioners' homes at 1:00 am and kidnapped Bai Yuzhi (female, a former member of the political consultative committee of Jinjing county), He Dong (former employee of the financial department of Shijiazhuang city), and Wang Yinke (former physical education teacher at the Hebei Chemical Industry School and the owner of Shijiazhuang Deshun Trading Company).

Bai Yuzhi went on a hunger strike and was tortured by policemen from the Dongqiao branch of the public security bureau. Bai suffered from a temporary heart disorder that was caused by the torture. Although the forced labor camp refused to accept her because of her health situation, she was jailed in the fifth brigade of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp, and then secretly transferred to the second detention center, where she remains today. Wang Yinke was forced to sit on a metal chair used for torture for 12 days, and was secretly detained at the Xinle county detention center in Hebei province. He Dong was also tortured and is now jailed somewhere in the city.

At noon on September 25, policemen from the Dongqiao branch of the public security bureau abducted five Dafa practitioners who were forced to leave their homes. Among the abductees are Zhao Weiming (an engineer), Niu Minjie (Wang Yinke's wife), three other Dafa practitioners from out of town. Later, one of the out-of-towners successfully escaped using his righteous thoughts. Niu Minjie was detained at the Xushui detention center. The whereabouts of the others are unknown at this time.

At around 7 pm on September 26, Dafa practitioner Song Zhining (a former instructor in the Hebei Postal and Telecommunications School) disappeared from his home. He had been abducted twice before by policemen but managed to escape using his righteous thoughts in both instances.

Policemen confiscated more than 100 thousand Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] worth of personal property from Dafa practitioners in the above cases.

The "610 office" [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration

in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches] of Hebei province targeted Wang Yinke because he owned a business and was a Falun Gong practitioner.

On September 28, 2001, Mayor Zang Shengye led policemen carrying loaded rifles to search and arrest Dafa practitioners in the Shijiazhuang City's Kaida district. They intended to arrest Wang Yinke and his wife Niu Mingjie; the couple had to leave their home to avoid being illegally arrested. The "610 office" froze Wang's property on a trumped up charge that he funded Dafa practitioners. Even his debtor was threatened. They extorted 10,000 Yuan in cash from Wang without any legal procedures.

It's said that officials are plotting to sentence the above Dafa practitioners after the 16th Party National Congress. We hope that all kind-hearted people will give them a hand.

But even under the tight control of such a terrorist regime, Dafa practitioners in Shijiazhuang City have not forgotten their duty of saving people. They are working hard to help Teacher Li during the Fa-rectification process.

The continuous Dafa truth clarification activities by Dafa practitioners in Shijiazhuang have shocked the evil greatly. During the period of the 16th Party National Congress, the delegates received a lot of Dafa truth clarification materials through the mail. Dafa truth materials, CDs, Video CDs frequently appear at the apartment entrances, in doorways, or in bicycle baskets. Many people started practicing Dafa after learning the truth. Some policemen said, "Sometimes, the corridors in buildings are filled during the night with Dafa materials." "Why is Falun Gong growing under the huge government pressure? Even those who did not practice before have started practicing Falun Gong." Banners of "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is righteous" have been alternately appearing at different locations. One official who was patrolling during the 16th Party National Congress period said, "You simply keep you eyes open, and Falun Gong's materials would reappear very shortly, but you never see who did it! That's strange, indeed!"

Dafa practitioners have been clarifying the truth of Dafa to all people, even risking their lives. Dafa practitioners outside China are also trying their best to expose the atrocities of Jiang's regime, and this has greatly deterred the evil. To avoid being found out by overseas Chinese, some police stations in Shijiazhuang city have changed their names or moved to new locations. For example, the former Xinhua street police station where Dafa practitioner Zuo Zhigang was tortured to death has changed its name to the Weiming street police station. The former Xili police station and the Youyi street police station swapped their names. The former Xili station has moved to the Xiya district and the former Hongqi street police station has changed its name to the Xinshi police station.

Evil will meet with its karmic retribution, that's the heavenly law. According to reliable sources, the former political and judiciary secretary of the Shijiazhuang city who was in charge of the persecution against Falun Gong has been in a comatose state for about half a year.

List of phone numbers: (Please add 86-311- in front of the numbers)

1. Shijiazhuang public security bureau:

Public report phone: 7023296

Criminal issues report phone: 7032524

City anti-theft network phones: 7798159 7798165 7798163

2. Zhengtou police station: 3033890

3. Political Consultative Committee of Jinjing County:

Office: 2022209

Director's office: 2022462

Deputy director's office: 2022468 2022452

4. Shijiazhuang City Financial Department:

Office: 6687713 6688598 6689461

General department: 6688543

5. Shijiazhuang Qiaodong Public Security Sub-Bureau:

Director Zhang Guangzhi's office: 6031299 homeüF3625326üCSupervising office: 6088110

6. Shijiazhuang city Yuhua Public Security Sub-Bureau:

Office: 3635420 3623117 3633195

7. Qiaodong Public Security Sub-Bureau:

Criminal Police Brigade: 6987041 6987042 6987045

Criminal Police Team 1: 6019947

Criminal Police Team 2: 6979840

Criminal Police Team 3: 6977521

Criminal Police Team 4: 6977449

8. Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp:

Operator: 7754007 7776422 7776421

Reporting center: 7752225

9. The 2nd Detention Center of Shijiazhuang City: 7794374 7794348

10. Political and Security Section of Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau (responsible for destroying Dafa materials centers, Dafa practitioner Liu Shusong was tortured to death here):

Head, Xiao Shuxiang: 96777-3238 (pager), 7026911-3761 (O)

Deputy head, Ma Wenshen: 96777-3229 (pager), 7026911-3763 (O)

Deputy Brigade Head, Deng Fang: 96777-13089 (pager), 7026911-386(O)

Section Chief, Wang Xiaofeng: 96777-3975(pager), 7022021(O)

Section Chief, Zhang Xianli: 96777-3237(pager), 7026911-318(O).

11. Xinle City Public Security Bureau:

Director's office: 8581049

Secretary's office: 8582636

Xinle detention center: 8670015

12. Weimin street police station: 7888193-8006 8013

13. Xili police station: 3051674

14. Youyi street police station: 3031330

15. Xinshi police station, director's office: 3833898

16. Xushui detention center, Baoding region: 86-312-8663040

17. Hebei post and telecommunication school:

Party secretary's office: 5887502

Principal's office: 5887501

Deputy Principal's office: 5820958