(Clearwisdom.net) In China, the police who directly participate in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners are merely ruffians and robbers wearing police uniforms. We disclose here some cases of burglary and theft committed by police in Changchun City, Jilin Province:

Case 1

While arresting Dafa practitioners, wherever they found money or bank deposit books, regardless of whether a practitioner was carrying it with him or had it in their residence, whichever police officer found the money would hide the money in his waist pouch as quickly as possible. Not only would he not leave a receipt, he will also not report his find to the rest of the police who were doing evil together with him. The amount of money ranged from hundreds of Yuan to tens of thousands of Yuan. Later, if the other policemen had not discovered this deed, and the culprit had not been questioned or been pursued on the matter, the police who stole the money would simply keep it for himself.

Case 2

When ransacking and confiscating the property of a Dafa practitioner, a policeman took away a deposit book for a thirty thousand Yuan savings account found in the Dafa practitioner's house. [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China whereas in rural areas it is 200 Yuan.] He was unable to withdraw any money because there was a pass code needed for the deposit book.

Case 3

When the police came to the residence of a Dafa practitioner who was having financial difficulties, a policeman found and seized two thousand Yuan in cash. The Dafa practitioner saw him taking the money and repeatedly told the policeman that the cash was urgently needed to purchase inventory for his small business, but the policeman still did not return the money.

Case 4

The police were not successful in arresting a Dafa practitioner when they came to his residence. They took away any item that they could find that was in good or near-new condition. They even threw the rice leftover in the rice cooker onto the floor before taking the rice cooker away.

Case 5

After arresting a family of three at their place of residence, the police stayed in the practitioners' house to "wait in ambush" for a few days. They ate the food in the refrigerator until very little was left. They even took away the better quality clothes and towels and other such items. Later, the evil policemen even shamelessly said publicly, "The fridge in this Dafa practitioner's house had everything. It was well stocked."

December 3, 2002