One time when I was waiting for the bus after handing out truth-clarifying material, I saw a woman sitting on a pile of dirt. Her hair was messy, her clothes were dirty and torn, her shoes were half off, and her hands were black and dirty. I didn't think of giving her any material.

She started talking to me, "Younger sister, are you waiting for the bus? Don't worry. It will be here soon. Where are you going? How old are you?"

After I answered her, she smiled and said, "You looked young to me, so I called you younger sister. You are actually older than I am, you look so young."

I answered her saying, "I used to be sick and I looked older than my age too. Now I practice Falun Gong and all my illnesses are gone, and I am young again,"

She asked, "Why does the TV say you are not allowed to practice it?"

I then clarified the truth to her. After I finished, she kept saying, "Making karma, making karma. I will tell everyone not to listen to the lies on TV anymore. If I didn't see you and hear what you just said, how would I know!"

When I gave her the truth-clarifying material, she was very touched, "Wonderful, people will understand it once they read this. Otherwise I wouldn't know how to explain it. If you have more material later, give me some more so I can let people around me know about it." She shook my hands and thanked me with tears in her eyes. She also told me where she lived.

Judging by Teacher's article, "Hurry Up and Tell Them," I haven't done enough. There are so many people waiting for us to tell them about the truth and to save them. We cannot afford not to hurry up and tell them. We must be responsible for all sentient beings.