(Clearwisdom.net) Guo Xiumei, female, 45 years old, was an employee at Huaiyang County Epidemic Prevention Station. At 9 p.m. on September 22, 2002, she went out to distribute truth clarification flyers and was murdered in the street. Her face was swollen with wounds and was black and blue; her left eye collapsed with bloody wounds; her neck and chest had black and blue marks and wounds. When people reported to the police, she was still alive, but the police walked away from her. Afterwards, the police spread the word that Guo Xiumei died of heart disease and cerebral hemorrhage.

According to a witness, at 6:00 a.m. on September 23, an egg seller found Guo Xiumei on the Southwest Road of Huaiyang County Xiguan Health Bureau. Guo Xiumei was kneeling toward the south with her face touching the ground, she held her stomach with both hands and the corner of her mouth was foaming. The egg seller immediately asked someone to call the police. After the thug police arrived, her mouth was still foaming. However, instead of sending her to the hospital, the police hurried to take pictures and videotaped her. They put truth clarification flyers around Guo Xiumei's body. After videotaping, the police said, "She practices Falun Gong and died from illnesses when distributing flyers." Then the police walked off.

Another witness said, students who went to school at 5 a.m. did not see anyone at the crime scene, and the street was empty. The sun didn't rise by 5 a.m. and not many people walk in the street other than students at that time.

Around 11 a.m. on September 23, another witness said, Guo Xiumei was found about five meters (16 feet) outside the Xiguan Health Bureau's Southwest Residential Building. She laid with her face up and her head faced toward the west. Her palms were facing up and her fingers were bent. She laid with one leg straight and one leg bent. Apparently she had been in extreme pain. She wore a colorful sweater, black pants, black leather shoes and flesh colored socks. Her short hair was combed toward the back of her head and her whole face was swollen with wounds. Her face was black and blue with a fist-sized round shaped wound at the left eye, where her eye socket collapsed. There were traces of tears near the corner of her eye and her mouth was half closed. Her neck and chest were filled with black-and-blue marks. Below her chest was another fist sized round wound that was black-and-blue.

According to witnesses' accounts, the death of Dafa practitioner Guo Xiumei was completely planned by the "610 Office" and carried out by the vicious police. We strongly call for kind-hearted people and Guo's family to take the side of justice, expose the evil's crimes, and let the truth be known to all.

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Guo Xiumei's family and work unit:

Guo Xiumei's husband Han Jintang, 0394-2688501(h)

Huaiyang County Health care Center (Han Jintang's work unit), 0394-2687739

Huaiyang County Epidemic Prevention Station (Guo Xiumei's work unit), 0394-2682330

People responsible for Guo Xiumei's death:

Huaiyang County Security Brigade, 0394-2662711 ext 37110; 0394-2667939

Security section, 0394-2662711 ext 22110, 0394-2662711 ext 22160

External affairs section, 0394-2662711 ext 22170

He Yulin, 0394-2663528 (h); 13838653983(c)

Geng Shouling, 0394-2661233, 13608619899

Zhao Min, 0394-2660416, 13938049142

Zhao Jishan, 0394-2665269, 13703949039

Wu Shengli, 0394-6829870, 13839418513

Zhang Junmei, 0394-2662619, 13839476362

Xiao Zhen, 0394-2683488, 13839443292

Li Changfeng, 0394-2662640, 13938049957

Wang Quandong, 0394-2665379, 13673949779

Wang Liqun, 0394-2665315, 13839443266

Zhuang Anzheng, 0394-2692291

Yang Fuqing, 0394-2687695, 13933940717

Huaiyang County Xiguan Police Station,

Wei Wei, 0394-2685234 (o); 13938052566 (cell); 1271668613 (page)

Huaiyang County Train Station's Police Station,

Dong Lujun, 0394-2688209 (o); 13703940179 (cell); 1271668761 (page)

Huaiyang County Chengnei Police Station,

Han Yimin, 13603871353(cell)

Huaiyang County police chiefs:

Cheng Junhua, 0394-2662711 ext 37001 (o); 13903943253 (cell)

Zhang Zhong, 0394-2662711 ext 37002 (o); 13903873268 (cell)

Guo Baoxin, 0394-2662711 ext 37004 (o); 13903943311 (cell)

Liu Yongqian, 0394-2662711 ext 37008 (o); 13903873182 (cell)

Liang Xianxue, 0394-2662711 ext 37010 (o); 13903943469 (cell)