(Clearwisdom.net) During the period from September 30 and October 5, 2002, Israeli Falun Dafa practitioners held a six-day international experience-sharing conference and activities in different cities. Participating in the conference and activities were practitioners from England, the United States, Australia, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Taiwan and from all over Israel.

Group Practice at the Shopping Center Plaza on October 2, 2002 A reporter interviews practitioners
Journey of Falun Dafa Photo Exhibition Fa Conference Hall Demonstrating Exercises on a Plaza in Jerusalem on October 3, 2002
Demonstrating Exercises on a Plaza in Jerusalem on October 3, 2002 Promoting Falun Dafa at Dead Sea Tourism Sites

Practitioners clarify truth to Chinese workers in Israel on October 5, 2002

On September 30, practitioners held a march in the southern city of Beer Sheva.

In the morning of October 1, the march started at the intersection of the north railway station of Tel Aviv. After marching through the streets of Tel Aviv, the practitioners arrived at Rabin Square for group practice and sending forth righteous thoughts. Afterwards, the practitioners gathered opposite the Chinese Embassy for peaceful practice and appeal.

In the morning of October 2, Dafa practitioners and conference participants practiced together in the square of a shopping center in northern Tel Aviv. Later, practitioners shared their cultivation experiences in Hebrew, Chinese, Russian and English. Practitioners of different backgrounds and nationalities shared with the audience their stories of benefiting from the cultivation of xinxing based on the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." At the same time, practitioners told the stories of persecution by the Chinese government. Australian practitioner, Dai Zhizhen and her two-year-old daughter Fadu also participated in the conference. In her experience sharing, she told about the health benefits and harmony her family enjoyed, thanks to the practice of Falun Gong. After the persecution started, her husband, Chen Chengyong was arrested and murdered due to peacefully appealing to the Chinese government. Chen's father also died shortly afterwards because of the persecution. Chen's sister was sentenced to labor camp for 15 months without any legal procedure. Due to the torture she became mentally disturbed. A practitioner who went to Tiananmen Square for Fa-rectification told the story of his arrest.

During the conference an announcement was made on the joint effort of Israeli and German practitioners appealing for the help of the government of both countries and of the world to release an Israeli practitioner's sister (also a practitioner), Xiong Wei. Xiong Wei was a student at Technical Berlin University", and was arrested because she was telling the truth in the streets of Beijing.

An announcement was also made on the formal publishing of the book Zhuan Falun in Hebrew.

In the morning of October 3, practitioners demonstrated the Falun Dafa exercises in the square opposite the central bus station in Jerusalem, and introduced the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and the brutal persecution the Chinese government is doing to the practitioners. Later the march reached a small park, where we practiced and sent forth righteous thoughts. When we reached the old city of Jerusalem, we divided into small groups and gave out flyers in different languages inside the city. Later we practiced and sent forth righteous thoughts on the square outside the Jaffa Gate.

On October 4, visiting and local practitioners rented a tour bus and arrived at the Dead Sea to spread the Fa and practicing the exercises in a tourist resort. On the way there, we discovered a site where about 150 Chinese workers live and clarified the truth to them. On the bus, practitioners made use of the valuable time together to share experiences.

On October 5, practitioners divided into two groups. Chinese speaking practitioners went to the place where Chinese workers meet during the weekend for truth-clarification. The rest of the practitioners went to two cities in northern Israel to spread the Fa. The same night, practitioners came to the Chinese Embassy and joined the sending forth righteous thoughts of Sunday morning.

We thank our Master for arranging for us these six full days, which enabled many people to be saved.