(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, we have all felt the rapid progress of Fa-rectification. First, there are more and more areas and people to which we can clarify the truth, and secondly, it seems that no matter how busy we are, we still cannot cover all of them. Many groups feel that they need more people and time; they hope more people and even fellow practitioners from other states would come and help.

First of all, this state is the manifestation of the fast progress of Fa-rectification. "As Dafa disciples tell people the facts, It's like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths, Shredding apart the rotten demons' lies. Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them." ("Hurry Up and Tell Them") The time left is getting shorter and shorter, and people to be saved must know the truth and be saved within a short period of time. We are driven by the great sense of responsibility and mission to constantly speed up in the progress of our work. This sense of urgency is the natural feeling we should have at the current state of Fa-rectification.

However, as our tasks accumulate and become more extensive and intensified, we as a whole have also become busier, felling tired and unable to achieve as much as we would like to at times; sometimes we are only able to cover the local work but not the work on the national level, or vice versa. We have reasons to think that we are too busy during this period of time and we have too many things, and we really cannot do that much. Our enduring ability is not obtained through the smartness and capability of everyday people, and our capacity does not depend on the number of participating practitioners. Why would we have the feeling of tiredness and inadequacy to take care of everything?

Maybe it is because we failed to finish truth-clarification work that was supposed to be done in an earlier stage, and the present higher requirements are based on the work achieved before, so we need a greater momentum and speed to fulfill the current requirements. As for the busyness we are experiencing right now, if we cannot improve our understanding of Fa-rectification and realize what is required of us today from the perspective of the Fa, then we will be twined by things and will exhaust ourselves. After the busyness is over, we still leave behind a large pile of things undone.

Maybe unconsciously, we are satisfied with our state of busyness and are trapped in a state of being unable to think rationally. Maybe we are unable to look into the importance and the priority of Fa-promotion work, which results in certain important work being delayed or overlooked by the busyness in view of the whole Fa-rectification. Busyness is not the result we want to pursue. When we are busy, we should be rational and organized instead of being chaotic, and our hearts should remain calm and not be disturbed by our busyness.

Is there any ingenious means we can solve the conflicts between time and our energy capacity, between local work and the overall situation, between busyness and our inability to meet the requirements?

Master said when talking about the celestial eye in Lecture Two of Zhuan Falun, "The passageway that we open targets exactly that location, and this happens to agree completely with the understanding of modern medicine. This eye does not create false images like our pair of physical eyes, as it sees both the nature of matter and the essence of matter. Therefore, a person with high-level Celestial Eye can see beyond our dimension into other time-spaces, and he can see scenes that ordinary people cannot see." Master's numerous Fa-lectures have already helped us understand things happening in other dimensions without using our naked eye, which enable us to understand the nature of matters.

We know that every one of us has great capabilities. This is a state of Dafa practitioners understanding the Fa from the perspective of the Fa and keeping up with the Fa-rectification process. For example, recently, many new prospects were opened up not because we increased the number of participating practitioners, but because the practitioners who worked on these projects first and foremost understood the importance and urgency of their work from the perspective of the Fa. They used very few people to prepare specific Fa-promotion materials, and by using various effective methods available in society, quickly told the truth to the people they had aimed at. Some Fa-promotion and truth-clarification work has extended from local state government to other states and even to the national level, thus breaking regional boundaries and the usual barriers we encounter in dealing with different levels. The outcome was excellent. In some states, one or two Dafa practitioners accomplished the truth-clarification work to all levels of state government within a very short time, which enabled other practitioners to focus on other work.

Dafa practitioners engaged in different projects might have some unique understandings of a situation due to their contact with different people and their doing different things. All these can be taken as our wealth as a whole, so that other practitioners can quickly improve in that aspect and not be attached to their own point of view. Right now, cooperation across areas and fields has increasingly become a common place, and when one place takes a step forward, their successful experience will be immediately passed on to other areas. Dafa materials are generally used and tips are shared. The successful experience in one place promotes the work in many other places.

We should encourage fellow practitioners to participate in more truth-clarification work and come to the frontline of the Fa-promotion to initiatively do Dafa work, so the habit of waiting and relying on others will be changed. More Dafa practitioners have taken on working out projects, making plans, following up and tracking down results, which eventually lead to successful outcomes, actively creating new environments. All Dafa practitioners have wisdom greater than any personal intelligence and abilities. When all Dafa practitioners can independently complete the work of truth-clarification, we would create a situation where all energy channels are opened up and operate together. In fact, when all Dafa practitioners are doing everything, the truth clarification work would speed up and end up with good results.

From Master's teachings, I understand that it's faster to go through other dimensions. Master said in Lecture One of Zhuan Falun, "...the whole universe is in motion. The Milky Way is in motion, and the nine planets are orbiting the sun. Earth is also self-rotating. We practice according to this great principle of the universe. Where is east, south, west, or north? There is none. Practicing in any direction is practicing to all directions, and practicing in any direction is the same as practicing to the east, south, west, and north simultaneously."

We should understand the overall situation from the perspective of the Fa, and realize that any specific work is a microscopic part of the macroscopic Fa-rectification, therefore it should be very easy; whatever we do is toward all directions, the north, the south, the west and the east. This is the foundation of getting twice the result with half the effort. At the same time, we must also do every thing solidly and leave no omissions to make sure that things that are supposed to be accomplished have achieved their substantive effects.

In this human world, we cannot participate in every truth-clarification project; however, recently incidents such as the ones in Iceland and Hong Kong told us that if our Dafa practitioners focus our energy together and form a powerful field of righteous thoughts, then we will be able to do well everything that is within this field of righteous thoughts. If we can keep reading Dafa books and studying the Fa, and at all times keep the compassionate state of containing and forgiving with great compassion and tolerance, and actively support other practitioners' on-going truth-clarification work, then not only will others' work become easier, our own work will also become easier. The gods in the cosmos care most about such a state of purity, and are waiting for such a state worthy of their help.

September 30, 2002