(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners in Xinjin County of Sichuan Province have suffered a lot of illegal persecution in the past three years. Since July 20th, 1999, many practitioners' homes have been searched without any warrants, and their private property has been confiscated. Practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal were illegally detained and forced to pay a huge amount of fines. The highest fine was 30,000 Yuan [the average income for an urban worker is 500 Yuan] for each person, and the lowest was above 5,000 Yuan per person. If practitioners refused to pay the fine, police from local police stations, along with officials from town governments would illegally search the practitioners' houses. They never showed any identification or documents before the search, they simply started taking away personal property and damaged property at will as soon as they rushed into the practitioners' houses. For example, one practitioner was illegally detained for going to appeal in Beijing. As soon as he was arrested and brought back from Beijing, dozens of people from the local police station and town government rushed into his home, took away everything they could remove from his home, including the doors and windows, and smashed everything else that they could not take away. They even took away clothing of the practitioner's grandson, who was less than one year old, and threw them into the river. The police threatened other local citizens, "We can do whatever we want, and we will handcuff anyone who disagrees." A lot of similar incidents have happened in Xinjin County.

According to an incomplete survey, the total value of fines paid by practitioners and personal properties of practitioners that were illegally confiscated in Xinjin County was worth about 400,000 Yuan.

At midnight of National Day [October 1st] in 2000, the Xinjin County government illegally arrested Dafa practitioners in the county with the excuse of "preventing them from going to appeal." All practitioners arrested that night were detained in detention rooms of local police stations or county detention centers for almost a month. Since then, the local police irrationally arrested practitioners around all kinds of so-called sensitive days, such as New Year and holidays. In January 2001, Dafa practitioners in Xinjin County had no place to stay after the arrest threat. Many of them went to Beijing to appeal. More than 20 people were illegally sentenced to forced labor afterwards. Several practitioners were not sentenced since they were too old for forced labor; nevertheless they were detained in local police stations for over eight months.

In August 2002, four practitioners were illegally sentenced to three years in prison for clarifying the truth about Dafa to people. To date, thirty Dafa practitioners in Xinjin County have been illegally sentenced to forced labor camp or prison.

On September 13, 2002, police from Puxing Police Station and Xinjin County Police Department together with officials from the Puxing town government broke into practitioner Liu Xueming's home without any warrant, forcefully searched his home and arrested Liu Xueming and his wife. The couple is currently detained in Xinjin County Detention Center. One couple who were Liu Xueming's relatives (not Dafa practitioners), were also illegally detained simply because the police found Dafa books in their home, and they have not been released yet.

At the end of September 2002, police from Huaqiao Police Station of Xinjin County Police Department broke into Dafa practitioner Lin Xueyou's home, arrested Lin Xueyou and his wife for no reason, and detained them at the Xinjin County Detention Center.

On September 25, 2002, police from the Xinping Police Station of Xinjin County Police Department broke into the home of practitioner Hu Shiying, arrested Hu Shiying (in his sixties) to the Xinping Police Station for no reason, and handcuffed him at the police station for one day and one night. Currently, he has been transferred to Xinjin County Detention Center.

At the end of September 2002, police from Huaqiao Police Station illegally broke into the home of another practitioner and wanted to take her away. She safely escaped from the police with wisdom; however, the police were so upset that they arrested her husband, a non-practitioner, for no reason and detained him at Xinjin County Detention Center.

We hope all fellow practitioners will send forth righteous

thoughts to help the arrested practitioners and their family members get out of the evil's persecution as soon as possible.

October 7, 2002