(Clearwisdom.net) Xiao Li and I were telling people the truth along the road. While we were passing out VCDs and other Dafa material, two buses stopped for unloading. Xiao Li stepped into one bus with the materials. I followed closely behind. Xiao Li addressed the passengers, "Hello, everyone! We have Falun Gong materials clarifying the true facts. When you read these materials you will understand the truth." Passengers all asked for the materials and VCDs. We then went to another bus to pass out the materials and in a short time had distributed all the materials we brought. One young man in his 20s said, "It turned out that Falun Gong is wrongfully treated. The Tiananmen self-immolation was all fake." We told him to pass the VCD on to other people after he had watched and to cherish these truth-clarifying materials. The young man said, "I know Falun Gong is good." Then he shouted loudly, "Long live Falun Gong!"

The third day we went out to tell the truth again. We came to a crossroad and saw a police car there. Xiao Li sent forth righteous thoughts to have them leave. Within a minute, the police car left. Then we started to hand out the truth clarification materials and at the same time tell the true facts to the people. A lot of people asked for VCDs. One person obtained materials and even kindly joked with us. We then went into a bus to hand out the materials. One man in his 40s said, "I hope he (Jiang, the leader of China) steps down soon. He didn't do anything good for our country." One bag of material was soon distributed. Another group of people learned the truth.

Once, in a village, we met with a lot of people to whom we passed the truth clarification materials and VCDs. A man in his 30s said, "How daring you are! Don't you worry about being arrested?" I answered him with smile, "A good person will not be arrested." He told me then he also wanted a VCD copy and the truth clarification materials, which we gave him with pleasure.

Oct. 12, 2002