(Clearwisdom.Net) Several practitioners and I planned to go to Beijing in mid-August in order to rectify the Fa (the principles, the law of the universe). However, these other practitioners changed their minds about going without giving any explanation. Master (Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa) said, "Cultivation is an individual matter, and following the crowd won't do it. Each person's improvement must be well-grounded" ("Lecture on the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Conference"). Then I decided that I would go to Beijing to rectify Dafa even if that meant going by myself. On the train to Beijing, I recalled that under the pressure of the evil force I once wrote a pledge (to stop practicing Falun Dafa). This action was a wrongdoing that damaged Dafa. It is the compassion of Master that gives a disciple another chance to compensate for the loss he has incurred. I silently made up my mind to guard and validate Dafa as a god. I will follow Master's words by completely opposing everything arranged by the evil, old forces, by never bowing before the evil, and by never allowing myself to be captured by the evil for any reason. I also made up my mind to play the role of motivating those practitioners who were deviating from the right path of cultivation just as I had done before. I must double my efforts to amend this loss. Only by making up the loss to Dafa can I deserve to be benevolently saved by Master.

I got out of the car, and planned to choose the most crowded place to open my banner. Finally I found that the Golden Water Bridge was the most crowded place. I also found that there were many uniformed and plain-clothes policemen there. So I decided to open up the banner there to eliminate the evil. I felt that Master was right at the top of Tiananman watching. I thought to myself, I must do a good job. I started to open up the banner, while shouting, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! Return innocence to my Master!" Those plain-clothes policemen savagely rushed towards me and tried to catch me. I kept on shouting when they pushed me onto a bus. A vicious policeman came to beat me up when I continued to shout on the bus. Another practitioner tried to stop him and said, "Policemen cannot beat up people." The police turned to beat that practitioner. I also shouted at him, "Stop beating people." Then he turned around and went away. The evil was really nothing. We kept on shouting along the way.

At the Tiananman police substation, the police started to ask for our names and addresses, and they tried to take pictures of us. (I remembered that) Master said, "No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful") So, we never cooperated and eventually the police had to lock us up in a big iron cage. The other practitioners and I began to recite "Hongyin" and "Lunyu" (writings by Master Li). I also recited Master's new articles "What Are Supernormal Abilities," and "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful" to other practitioners. I knew that only if everyone kept the Fa in his heart could we do a better job. Then some people from the Zhujing agency (an office sent by local governments to Beijing to serve as their representation) came, my fear of being recognized suddenly came out. Meanwhile, a vicious person held my hair and severely beat me. I knew that it must be a problem in my heart. I instinctively enlightened that I am a god rather than a human, and that the evil could not recognize me. "Just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations" ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s) "). They insisted on taking photos of us, but I refused with determination and encouraged other practitioners to eliminate the evil. The evil found no way out and had to do it in rotation, with different people continuously coming in to try and get us to cooperate. Finally they stopped coming in.

The other two practitioners and I were sent to the Lugouqiao police substation at night. They resumed their interrogation, but I refused to cooperate. They asked me why, I answered them, "I did not break the law and you have no right to interrogate me. So I will not answer any of your questions. But if you want to learn something about Dafa, I can talk to you." The evil person never listened to my words and continued to ask about my name and address. I refused to answer. They started to beat me up and even covered my head with a leather bag. I felt suffocated and asked Master for help in my heart. Then the bag was taken off. They kept on beating me up, but I did not feel any pain. After a long time, they asked me to stand up. I said, "I can not stand up since you have broken my legs." So those evil people set me up on a chair and continued to interrogate me. But I did not cooperate. They tortured me for the whole night in this way, however, they did not get anything out of me.

On the second morning, a person from the National Police Department came and claimed that he was also a practitioner. He tried to cajole me into telling him my name and address. I did not expose him, but took this opportunity to tell him the truth about Dafa. Soon he gave the game away. They wanted to check what was wrong with my legs. To my surprise, my legs had no response no matter how they pocked and prodded. I was given three choices. The first was to refuse to give them my name and address to the end, the second was to take some time to consider, and the third was to answer immediately. I chose the first. Then they became very angry and sent me to a cage, telling me that a doctor would come to examine me. They also asked me to eat something, but I said to them, "I am not hungry." I did not feel any hunger since I was caught by the evil. I practiced the exercises and eliminated the evil whenever I wanted to, and never listened to the orders given by the evil. A vicious policeman shocked me with an electronic baton. I thought in my heart that I was a god with the protection from Master and should not be afraid of this. No matter how they shocked me, I did not feel any pain. I kept on reading in my heart, "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." Later on four other evil policemen came, and tried to pour salt water down my throat. But they did not succeed even after trying very hard and eventually they became tired. I told them, "You will be punished because you are persecuting Dafa practitioners; you are persecuting good people. Good and evil will all be returned, this is the heavenly law, which nobody can escape." Then I continued my hunger strike.

Another day passed, two people came in, one of them wanted to beat me. But the other one stopped him. They tried to ask for my name and address, I refused to cooperate. They wanted to know what I thought. I told them, "I did not break the law. It is illegal for you to detain and persecute me. I have nothing to say. I request an immediate release." They said, "We will release you if you tell us your name and address." I answered, "No, you are lying. You will persecute me even harder if I tell you my name. You won't release me at all." They told me, "If you do not tell us your name, we will have to report this to the higher authority, and then you will be punished." In the meantime there came a call. I could tell that it was a higher authority asking about my situation. I remembered Master's article "What are Supernormal Abilities." So I used my mind to control them and make them ask the higher authority to release me. Soon it proved effective. A policeman told me, "Hold out. There will be a result very soon." He also told me, "If you do not eat, then practice the sitting exercise." I understand that it was a hint sent by Master through his mouth. I did Hongfa (spreading the Fa) and clarified the truth to the inmates there. After three days of detention, I was unconditionally released. Before I left, they asked me not to tell others that they had beaten me. I recorded the names of the two evil policemen, Liu Hongbing, Lin Jian, and three of the phone numbers of those policemen, 041444, 041425, 041408.

Now I join the tide of Fa-rectification again. My experience of rectifying the Fa in Beijing showed that, as a cultivator, there is no test that we cannot pass if we understand the Fa based on the Fa and hold righteous thoughts at all times. Then we are sure to be able to completely oppose everything arranged by the evil, old forces, and push the Fa-rectification process forward.