Over the last two years, natural and man-made calamities have continuously befallen Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province. Disasters like droughts, pestilence, floods, fires, hailstorms, and mine explosions have occurred one after another. Undoubtedly, these are warning signs from heaven to human beings: stop persecuting Dafa immediately! But the wicked people in the city, led by Zhang Xingfu (Hegang City Party Secretary), are still intensifying their persecution of Dafa.

1. The Wicked People's Evil Deeds

    áa. Lawless Officials Provoke People to Oppose One Another

    On Aug. 01, 2001, following orders from the provincial level, Hegang City held an urgent meeting with all related divisions and personnel. The bulk of the meeting was spent conveying a directive to intensify the persecution of Falun Gong. At the beginning of August, all districts and public security departments of the city jointly created and enforced a document based on the orders they had received. The document was then posted in all residential districts, and it was meant to target the truth-clarifying activities of Dafa practitioners. The content is excerpted as follows:

      • Anyone who catches a practitioner who is posting or distributing Falun Gong materials will be "rewarded" 800 to 1000 Yuan (Chinese dollars--the average monthly income in urban areas is about 500 Yuan);
      • Anyone who tips off the police so that they can arrest a practitioner posting or distributing Falun Gong materials will be "rewarded" 300 Yuan;
      • Anyone who does not remove or does not report on the materials near his/her residence will be fined 50 to 100 Yuan.
b. Seven Dafa Practitioners Arrested While Clarifying The Truth

In August 2001, Director of Fuli [Government] Agency, Wang Ying, reported two female Dafa practitioners while they were distributing Dafa materials in Nanshan District, Hegang City. The two were arrested and are now being illegally held in the No. 2 Detention Center.

On the night of August 4, 2001, five practitioners were illegally arrested while posting Dafa materials and hanging banners in Junde District. They were: Wang Guanglu, Zhao Shuling, Wang Shuxia, Yang Xiaohong, and Fu Detian. All of them were detained in the No. 2 Detention Center, and during that same time, their homes were ransacked. It is reported that the Head of the Nanfengjing Street Committee tipped off the police [that the practitioners were posting materials] and Junde Police Station did the job. The five practitioners went on hunger strike to protest after their arrest. It isn't known whether they are still alive. Another practitioner, Di Huibin, was arrested at 10 PM on August 5 because the local police suspected his involvement. Di took a chance by going to use the restroom at night and escaping through the window. Now, Di Huibin is forced to wander about, and his whereabouts are unknown. Both his office and his home were illegally searched.

In order to reward the persecutors for the crime they committed, the Party Secretary of the City, Zhang Xingfu, ordered the Party Secretary of Xingan District, Xue Fengchun, to allocate 5000 Yuan as a reward for the people who helped in the crime. 1000 Yuan was awarded to the person who tipped them off, and the remaining 4000 Yuan was awarded to Junde Police Station.

After this incident, the Public Security Bureau of Hegang City paid great attention to what happened and wanted to use the case as a new example of how to broaden the range of the persecution. They adopted more contemptible methods in an attempt to kidnap practitioners and search for clues, such as following practitioners around the clock, ambushing them at selected locations, monitoring practitioners' residences, tapping their phones, etc. At present, they are taking more covert methods, which are meant to look like they have gotten softer, while behind the scenes they're getting rougher.

According to various sources, the police in Hegang City intend to transfer practitioner Xu Jiting (alias Zhou Guang) back to Hegang in the near future (Xu is currently being held in a prison in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province). They also plan to arbitrarily sentence Xu Jiting along with a dozen other practitioners (some of which are mentioned above). Xu Jiting was a senior economist at Construction Bank, Hegang City Branch, before he was fired for practicing Falun Dafa. In Jan of 2000, he went to Beijing to make appeals and was illegally detained in the local government's liaison office in Beijing. He then escaped and became homeless. But in Jan of 2001, he was illegally arrested again and was tortured with all kind of methods. The wicked people used every base means to make him talk. It is not known whether he is alive or dead. It is said that the Ministry of Public Security once got involved in persecuting him.

2. The Retribution

a. Retribution Befell A Wicked Policeman

      Hu Hao, former policeman in Xinnan Police Station of Gongnong District, Hegang City, put in a lot of effort in persecuting Dafa practitioners when the persecution first began. One day in the year 2000, his 11-year-old child was hit by a car and killed, but it was not the fault of the driver.

b. Those Who Helped A Tyrant Do Evil Met With Retribution

In Xinnan Administrative Office (Gongnong District, Hegang City), Party Secretary Dong, and Director of the No. 55 Committee, Si Yajuan, met with retribution for persecuting Dafa.

Since July 20, 1999, the two had been frequently persecuting Dafa practitioners in their administrative region at will. Si Yajuan (female) shouted at a meeting in the administrative office in July of 2000, "We should arrest those Dafa practitioners and brand them counter-revolutionaries, then let's see who dares to practice anymore!" Just a few days later at another meeting in the administrative office, someone asked why Si Yajuan was absent. One person replied that Si had sprained her ankle when getting out of a car. For the following three months, she could not return to work. But she did not realize the true cause of her injury. After she got better, she went back to persecute practitioners twice more. Then she injured her ankle again while getting out of a car. This time she had a fracture, and she could not get out of bed for another five months. Si Yajuan has suffered ever since she began slandering Dafa. If she does not wake up to the truth, more terrible retribution will follow her.

Party Secretary Dong (male) is an even more wicked person. He often curses Dafa and Dafa practitioners. One day in June of 2001, he broke his collarbone when riding a bike. As a result, he was in the hospital for more than a month before he could return to work.

A piece of advice to common people: stay clearheaded at this historic time when every being is making a critical decision. Do not be fooled by deceitful lies, thus doing things that offend heaven and all sense of reason. If you do commit those crimes, you will regret and pay for it forever.

List of some of the persecutory criminals mentioned above:

Hegang City Government Operator: 86-468--322317, 86-468--322210

Mayor's hotline: 86-468---12345

Public Security Bureau: 86-468---3340610

Xinnan Administrative Office, Gongnong District: 86-468---3342709

Dejunlu Police Substation 86-468---3702084

Wang Ying, Director of No. 72 Committee, Fuli Administrative Office: 86-468---3601385 (Home)

Xue Fengchun, Party Secretary of Xingan District: 86-0468---3622015 (Office), 86-468---3425634 (Home), 86-13904880193 (Cell)

Railroad Police Substation, Jiamusi City: 86-454---8143618, 86-454-8688814