[Minghui Net] On January 20, 2001, I returned home to find my mother, sister and brother sitting at the front desk of our family store. My sister looked very pale, with a scarf tied around her head. It was strange that she was wearing a lot of clothes. She took my hand in her hand and her hand was cold. The numb expression on my sister's face caught my attention. However, it was inconvenient for us to talk since policemen were watching.

My sister had been sent home from a detention center after she had been forced to have an induced abortion. She had been locked up in Zengcheng City Detention Center [for practicing Falun Dafa]. She told me later that those who had forced her to have the abortion claimed that they were from the Office of Birth Control. They imposed the surgery on her in spite of her resistance.

During the time my sister was under house arrest, my whole family was under threat by the police.

On the evening of January 22, the head of the "Police and Punishment Team" from Zhenlong town and a male policeman came to our home. They requested that we take notes on incoming telephone calls such as what, who, and where. What they were doing was clearly infringing upon our human rights. One day my sister went downstairs and talked with someone for about 5 minutes or less. Those who had been following her became flustered and asked for her whereabouts.

On January 23, a man and a woman in police uniforms from the town government came and said they would take my sister to have a health examination. I knew that they were here to arrest my sister again. My poor sister was so weak that she could not even walk steady. I asked them to show me the medical reports on the abortion surgery, health examination results, and arrest warrant etc. They had nothing and told me they were following the orders from above.

During the period of my sister's house arrest, police took three shifts a day to watch her 24 hours a day, two people on each shift. Among them were Chen Qingjun, Zhang Qinghe, Liang Jinbiao and so on.

January 2001