[Editor's note: The following are excerpts of an 11-year-old practitioner's diary. Her parents were forced to leave home and wander around, living on the street. She is now living with her grandparents. From this diary we can see the misery caused by Jiang Zemin's persecution against Falun Dafa]

Jan 10th, Wednesday, snowstorm

Do you know that I feel so sad inside? My Teacher would feel even sadder. On Jan 9th, there was rumor against Dafa again on TV. I felt horrible after I watched that. Perhaps our Teacher would give those people one more chance and try to save them. What enormous compassion our Teacher has! He is not like what the TV pictured. He is the best person on this earth and in this universe. Whenever I think about my Teacher, I always want to cry. Master Li, you can see me and I am always with you, right? We have already been through the most difficult tribulations, why would we fear what is to come? Practitioners have nothing to fear. Let us wait for the bright future.

Jan 13th, Saturday, light snow

Last night Aunt X took me out to buy clothes and have dinner. She explained to me the current situation. However, early this morning someone sent me a note telling me not to go out with her again. Never! Never! Perhaps it's for my safety. But Aunt X did not appear like bad person. Her behavior seems like those of a genuine practitioner although she only attained the Fa recently. Her Xinxing seems high. Why never, never go out with her? All three meals at home are always rice or noodles, I have not had a nice meal for a long time. Maybe it is my own fault. I should pay more attention next time. Master Li, how should I see this? In fact, I always want to cry when I see my fellow practitioners. I can never control my emotion. They have borne too much. I would be willing to take all their tribulations for them. I promise, Teacher Li, I will.

Jan 15th, Monday, sunny

I was late for lunch at noon because I was cleaning up my room. Grandpa did not allow me to have lunch. I simply cannot take it. Grandma asked me to eat. But grandpa said: " Don't eat. Don't eat." I will not eat then. I almost could not bear it anymore. At that moment, I remembered to tolerate. Grandpa has not allowed me to eat twice. I was very hungry. I lost 10 pounds (from 70 to 60 pounds). Grandma sent me some food. This is really what I need. I miss my parents. I miss my Teacher too. I hope Teacher can help me and Dafa can help me. Thanks! Thanks!

Jan 22nd, Monday, light snow

I feel I don't exist in this world. I only have my Teacher and my parents in my life. They have always supported me. Grandparents only scold me. I feel so bad. Maybe I did not do well so I had a stomachache flu. Grandpa sometimes curses Teacher and I just cannot tolerate that... Teacher, please help me. Regardless if you want me as a disciple or not, I promise that I will change to a brand-new me. Please believe me. At home they always protect the younger ones. But I do not care. Master Li, please give me another chance. I will protect the Fa and cultivate well.

Li Zhendi (alias)

Feb 11th, 2001