October 30, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) Zhaoqing City Police sentenced university graduate and Dafa practitioner Huang Songtian from Zhaoqing City/Guangdong Province to two years of forced labor because he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in November, 2000. He is currently unlawfully detained in the Guangdong Sanshui Labor Camp.

It is a citizen's right to appeal any injustice. A citizen has been sentenced to two years of forced labor, simply because he once went to Beijing to appeal, legally and peacefully, to report his opinion to the government. This incident has probably become the most evil persecution against Dafa in Guangdong Province. According to incomplete statistics, over ten Dafa practitioners have been illegally sent to labor camps in Zhaoqing City alone.

Dafa practitioner Huang Songtian, male, 25 years old, is from Denggang Village/ Denggang Township, Jiedong County/Chaozhou Prefecture and obtained the Fa in 1997. He graduated from Zhaoqing Xijiang University's college of chemistry, (Now Zhaoqing Institute) in July of 1999 and worked at the Duanhua Corp., Guangdong Feng Hua Enterprise. Mr. Huang has been very steadfast and diligent since he obtained the Fa. At the same time, he had been outstanding in his studies and was highly thought of by professors and fellow students. They chose him to be one of the "Three Best Students" (Honorary Students) of the department. Because of his open-minded personality and enthusiasm, his classmates always went to him to seek help whenever they ran into troubles or difficulties. Sometimes, in order to help others, he preferred to eat only plain white rice for a meal in order to save money he could use to help others who were in financial difficulties. Because of his steadfast and righteous faith, the environment for group exercise practice and group Fa study on the campus had become better and better.

One day in June of 1999, he foresaw that the Dafa persecution would happen. Soon, the evil came in an overwhelming manner. On July 20, without regret and hesitation, he went to Province's Capital Hall to appeal. When he arrived there, he saw many Dafa practitioners stand near the Capital Hall. Later, these practitioners were taken to a school and were illegally detained for half a day, and then released. On July 22 and 23, he persistently practiced the exercises in the city's public gym where he was surrounded by scores of policemen. They confiscated his company pass and escorted him back to his company.

In July 2000, Zhaoqing police harassed him again and asked him to promise not to go to Beijing to appeal. He did not reply and was immediately taken to a brainwashing class, where there were about twenty practitioners. He was released after July 22. Since then, his company has not given him any regular work assignments. (Note: Guangdong Feng Hua Corp. Duanhua company has secretly opened letters of Dafa practitioners and handed them to police)

In November, 2000, Huang Songtian broke through layers and layers of barriers with a strong righteous mind. He entered Beijing and unfurled a Dafa banner on Tiananmen Square, fulfilled the promise he made in prehistory and was promptly arrested. When the Zhaoqing hometown police found out that he had left Zhaoqing, they were furious and even "tracked him down" to Guangzhou City. After Huang Songtian was brought back to Zhaoqing, they worsened the persecution against him. When his mother heard about her beloved son's persecution she felt heart broken. She has been sick in bed ever since and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Even so, the police still didn't allow his family members to visit him.

It was not until recently that we learned he was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. We heard that Guangdong Sanshui Labor Camp is very evil. Everyday, Huang Songtian's mother is hoping her son to come back soon.

Responsible parties:

People's Republic of China, Zhaoqing City's Secretary Chen Junlun; Zhaoqing City Committee Office. 80 Tianning North Rd., Zhaoqing City. Postal code:526040

Zhaoqing City Mayor, Jiang Haiyan

Zhaoqing City Commission for Inspecting Discipline Office, 80 Tianning North Rd. Postal code: 526040

Zhaoqing City Propaganda Department, 80 Tianning North Rd. Postal code:526040

Zhaoqing City Committee External Propaganda Group, 80 Tianning North Rd. Postal code: 526040

City Commission for Politics and Law, 3 Qianjin Middle Rd. Postal code:526040

Duanzhou District, Commission for politics and law, Integrated Office Address: Gu Ta Middle Rd. District Institution Compound Tel. 011-86-758-2733264

District Police Department, Old Tower North Rd, Tel. 011-86-758-2233291, 011-86-758-526040

District Procuratorate, Building 36, Yuelong Rd, Tel. 011-86-758-2232125, 011-86-758-526040

District People's Court, 6 Old Tower Middle Rd, Tel. 011-86-758-2228064, 011-86-758-526040

District Judicial Department, Building 78, Jumping Dragon Rd, Tel. 011-86-758-2229344, 011-86-758-526040

Party Committee Secretary of Zhaoqing Police Department, Jianhua Yang, Tel. 011-86-758-2721772,

Office Tel. 011-86-758-2723809

6-10 Office Tel. 011-86-758-2719389

Duanxuan District Police Department, Operator, 011-86-758-2238415, office, 011-86-758-2233970,

Hundred Flower Garden Police Station, Tel. 011-86-758-283-4756

Evil Assistants:

Liping Liang, Chairman of the Board of Feng Hua High Technology Co, Ltd., Guangdong Province,

Board Secretary: Liao Yongzhong

Address: Feng Hua Electronic Industrial City 18 Feng Hua Rd. Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province

Postal code: 526020

Company Website: http://pub.zhaoqing.gd.cn

Email: FENGH@pub.zhaoqing.gd.cn

Tel: 011-86-758-2844724 ,

Fax: 011-86-758-2849045

E-mail: gdfhcn@pub.zhaoqing.gd.cn