Note: has an article "Practitioner Yu Biqing from Wenjiang County, Sichuan Province is Kidnapped." After checking with her family, we learned that her name is spelled Yu Bixing. The above is a photo of her.


Practitioner Yu Bixing from Wenjiang County, Sichuan Province was arrested while distributing truth-clarifying literature on the street. She was tortured to death on the way to the police department of Jiangyan City.

Yu Bixing, female, had just turned 50 when she died. She lived in the Qianfeng Area of Yongquan Township. A steadfast practitioner, Yu had gone to Beijing twice to appeal for Falun Gong. The police and government officials in Wenjiang County ruthlessly persecuted her, so she had to leave her home. Yu Bixing always had a firm belief in Dafa, and she continually sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and offer people salvation until she gave up her precious life.

On the morning of September 25, 2001, Yu and I went to the Liujiechang Township in Dujiangyan City to distribute truth-clarifying literature. We had not walked very far when we encountered two policemen. They took us to the Liujie Police Station and asked for our names and addresses, but we refused to tell them. A policeman tried to tear the book Zhuan Falun. We told him why he shouldn't do that - tearing the book will be harmful to his eternal life. At the same time, we sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil interference behind him. The policeman had a strong evil nature and insisted on tearing the book. We went up to protect the book but were knocked to the ground by two other policemen. The book was torn, but the policeman who did it felt very uncomfortable. He lost his appetite for lunch.

Later, they tried to put us in a van and send us to the police department in Jiangyan City. We did not follow their orders, so a tall policeman came up and kicked at Yu's kidneys and bottom heavily. They handcuffed us and threw us into the van. When we arrived at the police department, the people there said that they were not accepting any detainees that day. So the police drove us back. On the way, Yu and I sent forth righteous thoughts and got out of the handcuffs. We were ready to jump out of the van. When the van came to a place called Cuiyuehu, I jumped out and hurt my face and head. I did not see Yu after a long while and had no idea how she was doing. I went back to the place where I jumped off to ask around about her. They said at around 4 p.m. they saw a black object thrown out of a police van. They thought something had fallen, so they ran up to see. It was a person, but the police van drove away without stopping. The people there called 110 (911 in China). The doctors in the ambulance said that Yu had died. So they called the Yudu Cremation Facility and sent Yu's body there. I went there and saw that it was her body. I then notified her family.

After Yu Bixing's death, the Liujie Police Station spread rumors to smear Dafa and deceive people. The police in Wenjiang County stayed at Yu's home day and night when her family was preparing for the funeral. They intended to arrest practitioners who left home with Yu to escape the constant persecution.