During this past summer vacation, a young practitioner called Yangyang went with his mother and father to visit his grandmother at their hometown in Northeast China. He felt very sorry for his grandmother, who formerly had also been a Falun Gong practitioner. But due to her burdening fears, his grandmother gradually stopped practicing Falun Dafa, and she even started to condemn it. After Yangyang's youngest Aunt was arrested for appealing in Beijing about the persecution of Falun Dafa, and after she was deported out of the country, Yangyang's grandmother became so upset that she tore apart and destroyed all of the Falun Dafa books in the youngest aunt's house. Through his Celestial Eye, Yangyang saw many demons that were attaching themselves to his grandmother's body. Those demons called his grandmother's house their home, thus causing her to curse people who were around her all day long.

To try and rescue his grandmother from this terrible situation, Yangyang came up with a bright idea. He asked his Mom to help write "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated" on 9 slips of paper. Then Yangyang quietly pasted up these slips of paper in his grandmother's house. As the powerful verse was everywhere within the house with so many Fa-safeguarding Gods among the shining golden words on the slips, suddenly the demons all disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, his Grandmother stopped her cursing of Falun Dafa.

Little Yangyang also mentioned to his Mom that when pressured or persecuted by the evil, genuine practitioners must have solid and firm righteous thoughts. If there are any tiny reservations in their belief in the Fa (Law and Principles) or any bits of doubt, the demons will attach to the practitioners' bodies and make them do things that they shouldn't. During doubt, hesitation or confusion, once they write the so-called "Repentance Statements" even with reluctance, the demons will frantically occupy and control their bodies. Then there may never be a chance for them to wake up and shake off the demons. This process sadly destroys overnight the practitioner's wait of thousands of years for the opportunity of reaching consummation in Dafa.

Of course, when a practitioner falls down from a high level due to deficiency during a test or a tribulation, Teacher's heart and the hearts of the great enlightened beings in the heavens have always been pained. It's beyond the human language of this world to describe this pitiful and painful feeling; it's so much more than the sorrow that is felt due to the loss of our closest kin or our brothers and sisters.

Yangyang is happy when fellow practitioners send forth righteous thoughts. He said that when we do this, all the sentient beings in our heavenly paradises are so happy, as the evils are being gradually eliminated. At the time when we send forth our righteous thoughts, the whole cosmos is radiating with golden lights. This is especially true when all over the world practitioners are collectively sending forth righteous thoughts at set times, and the whole colossal firmament is shining with a brilliant gold. It is really "boundlessly radiant," incomparably spectacular, magnificent, and wonderful!

Reported on 10/31/2001