(Clearwisdom.net) On April 28, 2001, at about 9:00 a.m., Chaoyanggou Labor Camp ordered all the detainees in the camp into the meeting room. There were over 180 Dafa Disciples illegally detained there, and every one of them had suffered a lot from the persecution. Director Wang of the Camp was giving a talk about how the forced Labor Camp had made Falun Gong practitioners give up their practice, i.e., as a matter of fact, how he had persecuted Dafa disciples.

The true facts of these evil-doings, one by one, will be revealed and fully exposed to all people very soon. This would be the very last show of the evil forces.

During the meeting, when vile persons slandered Dafa, four practitioners Jiang Quande, Liu Haibo, Li Min, and Lian Hong stepped forward to ask them to stop their slandering. Vicious policemen immediately beat these disciples by using electric batons to hit their hands and heads. Jiang Quande and Li Min were beaten to such an extent that their appearances were no longer recognizable. Their noses were black and blue, and their bodies were very seriously injured. After that, four Dafa disciples were humiliated by being made to parade through the public streets. Director Wang said, "You made me lose my face; so I make you suffer a lot."

Every day, villains forced Lian Hong to run several laps around the big exercise yard and to also perform heavy labor in the camp. As a result, Lian Hong's leg became injured and he could not walk in a normal way. His body was wrecked terribly. Even so, those villains didn't let him off.

Jiang Quande had been illegally detained for an additional five months after his sentence expired, and has not yet been released. Evil forces in the Judicial Bureau were violating the law while in the position of enforcing the law. They ignored the legal procedures and overrode the national law at will. For instance, vicious Director Wang could extend any Dafa disciple's sentence at his own command. Liu Haibo's sentence had been extended for another four months. Jiang Quande was locked up in a small cell for one month, and his body was covered with black and purple bruises. Every day the evil forces would beat Dafa disciples by various means, and miserable cries could often be heard.

Jin Junjie had been illegally detained for an additional five months after his sentence expired, and has not yet been released. His weight has been reduced to a mere 88 lbs due to the cruel torture. On May 18, vicious policemen in the No. 2 Brigade instigated a regular criminal, Li Fuchen, to torture him. Since then, every morning at about 7:00 a.m., criminal Li Fuchen would beat him with several blows of a piece of rattan cane [Note: rattan cane can inflict serious damage to the body.] His hands and feet became extremely swollen and deformed, and he was forced not to tell anybody in his class. The class monitor Sun Jiming, also a regular criminal, continued to verbally abuse and torture him. Finally, Jin Junjie was injured to the extent that he could not go to the dining room to eat and he could not get down from his bed at night-time. Vicious policemen in the No. 2 Brigade thought he was dying and sent him to the hospital. The doctor said his life was in danger and he needed round-the-clock care. This was reported to the Labor Camp. The Labor Camp didn't want to be responsible for his death and reported it to the Judicial Bureau. A department leader saw the seriousness of this issue and granted his release from the Labor Camp. Then the vicious policemen told people that Jin Junjie was receiving treatment in a hospital. However, as a matter of fact, they had asked his family members to come and take him home. In this way, they shirked their responsibilities.

Zhuang Xiankun has been detained for an additional five months after his sentence expired. His body was bleeding after the villains Li Fuchen and Sun Jiming beat him up with a piece of rattan cane for more than 30 strikes within two days. These villains used the most vicious methods to torture Dafa disciples. Zhuang Xiankun's wife was also illegally arrested by the local police station and her whereabouts was unknown. Their child, under one year old, was left to his younger brother to take care of. There are many broken families like this in Changchun City. Rampantly persecuting people, the No. 2 Brigade of the Labor Camp forced Zhuang Xiankun and many others to do backbreaking hard labor such as loading and unloading tens of thousands of pieces of brick in a single day.

On the morning of August 3 at about 5:00 a.m., all Dafa disciples were taken into the corridor and body-searched. After one of the Teacher's articles was found on Sui Wenling, he was taken to the "Discipline Room." Vicious policemen shocked him with electric batons and beat him up with rattan cane for more than 30 minutes. His body was bleeding everywhere. His legs and feet were too swollen to stand on. Even so, vicious policemen still forced him to do heavy labor, loading and unloading a large amount of brick everyday. Even during the hard labor time, the villains still verbally abused him. The food for his lunch was very limited and he could not have enough to be full. So, he picked up what was left by others to eat. Due to the poor living conditions, his body was covered with scabies, making him feel extremely painful. There are many examples like this in the forced labor camp.

Liu Jin in the No. 2 Brigade is thin and small. It is very difficult for him to do the extreme forced labor. Everyday after he suffered the hard labor, the malicious class monitor Sun Jiming (directed by vicious policemen) would verbally abuse him, beat him and extort money from him.

Above are some facts about how the vicious policemen in the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp have cruelly persecuted Dafa disciples.