"She was doing it for my sake, how could I do that to her?"

One day, a driver working for an office belonging to the Provincial Government of Hebei showed his colleagues some printed material containing the truth about Dafa. One of them asked: "Why don't you hand it in to the authorities? Where did it come from?" The driver said: "a 'Falun Gong' gave it to me while I was washing the car." That colleague said: "why didn't you turn her in? You could have been rewarded with money for that." The driver said: "I have never seen her before and have no grudge against her. She said to me: 'Sir, here is some information for you, reading it is for your own benefit; if you could let more people read it, it's even better.' She was doing it for my sake, how could I turn her in? Besides, what the flier says sounds really reasonable. There, all of you can have a read!"

The only thing was, this kind-hearted driver could not dare to believe that Jiang Zemin and his followers could possibly be so ferocious yet be blatantly lying! He went to ask a Dafa practitioner in his work unit whether what the flyer said was the truth. The practitioner described to him his own personal experience and maltreatment that he'd received, as well as the encounters experienced by other practitioners in the neighbourhood. He said to him that he could take a look at those around him who practice Falun Gong, and then take a look at the government officers that he knows, then he will be able to see the truth clearly. The driver nodded his head in deep thought, knowing who is lying.