"In the evil's damage, Chinese people have been the biggest victims ("Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference"). Letting the people in China know the truth, getting rid of their misguided hatred toward Dafa and enabling their salvation are the most important things for Dafa disciples to do during Fa-rectification.

After understanding the urgency of this task, I soon discovered a good way to clarify the truth to the Chinese public. I began to use internet chat rooms to spread the truth of Dafa, let people understand Dafa and expose the evil. This is yet another effective method to break through the information blockade imposed by the evil in Mainland China.

It soon became apparent that the evil's damage to the Chinese people has been extremely severe. It seems that many of them have been brainwashed, and their view of Falun Gong is the same as that of the evil Jiang. People who visit chat rooms come from all walks of life and talk about everything under the sun. In such an environment, it is critical to maintain righteous thoughts and use the benevolence of an enlightened being to offer people salvation.

Sometimes, the person with whom I was talking was obviously a kind-hearted person who should be saved, but who had been deceived by the evil's lies. Realizing this made me understand why enlightened beings would shed tears upon seeing people struggling in the maze. In these situations, I would speak from my heart and offer salvation to the person, and use wisdom to break through the evil's lies. After a person realizes the truth, he will turn from hating Dafa to admiring "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance" and Dafa's practitioners. Consequently, another life would be saved. From this, I understood the joy of the great enlightened beings in offering people salvation.

Of all those who have negative thoughts toward Falun Gong, most of them simply repeat what they have heard from Jiang. I try to use my wisdom to persuade them from a variety of angles. I also let them know that I am a highly educated person. I hold bachelor, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees, and I am an advisor to Ph.D. students. My purpose of telling them this is to let them know that, contrary to Jiang's propaganda, Falun Gong practitioners are highly respected people. I then try to use my sincerity and kindness to touch and persuade them, and try to gradually change their negative views toward Dafa. Many of them begin to respect Dafa and Dafa practitioners, especially after reading the articles and poems written by Master Li.

Once, I was discussing with someone how the moral standard of Chinese society has been decaying rapidly. For example, extramarital affairs that have become very common in today's Chinese society have broken up many families and added a lot of stress to many people in Mainland China. I then told him about Dafa's high standards and requirements on practitioners, that Dafa practitioners follow a high moral standard and that Dafa practitioners are responsible to their families and to society. I also told him that Dafa practitioners would never commit any of those immoral acts. In the end, that person said to me, "What you just said is so wonderful. Falun Gong's 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance' is a very good thing. This is just what Chinese society needs. Had we not spoken today, I would not know how truly wonderful Falun Gong is."

Once I asked an "internet buddy" who already knows the truth some internet security questions. His reply was, "I have carefully double-checked the issues that you raised. Please rest assured that there are no [security] problems. I know that you are all good people. I will protect you." Another "internet buddy" told me, "You are a defender of Falun Dafa. That is very admirable."

What has damaged people the most is the self-immolation incident arranged by the evil. It is the main reason why many people hate Falun Gong. Because of it, some people have developed a strong hatred of Falun Gong. When practitioners see how these people have been completely deceived and manipulated by the evil, it is easy to get upset or agitated. But if practitioners can just apply their kindness and explain the truth to these people patiently while sending forth righteous thoughts, the results are usually very good, and their perceptions and attitudes towards Dafa will be changed.

B, an "internet buddy," originally felt a strong hatred toward Falun Gong. He said many bad things about Falun Gong, all of which had been said by Jiang. I could feel that he was being controlled by the evil. When talking to him, I tried to use a kind and gentle manner to persuade him, use righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that was controlling him, and also send forth righteous thoughts toward him.

The following is a partial record of one of our conversation:

B: Falun Gong has taught people to set themselves on fire.

Me: Falun Gong absolutely prohibits suicide. Self-immolation is even less possible. There are many people practicing Falun Gong outside of China. So many years have passed, yet none of them have ever set themselves on fire, and none of them have gone crazy. Why is it that all other countries support Falun Gong? (Sending forth righteous thoughts to B).

B: How could Jiang fake this self-immolation event?

Me: Because Falun Gong is so good, he cannot find anything wrong with it. But he is also afraid that his power will be threatened by these good people because there are simply so many of them. Since he wants to persecute Falun Gong, he has to come up with excuses to justify his actions. He has orchestrated many things to deceive people and blamed those things on Falun Gong. 'Self-immolation' was orchestrated to justify stepping up the persecution. It was designed to invoke the hatred of ordinary Chinese people toward Falun Gong. Aren't you one of those people who have believed what Jiang said, and started to hate Falun Gong? (Sending forth righteous thoughts toward B).

B: What you just said sounds pretty reasonable.

Me: Falun Gong has been labeled a "terrorist organization" recently. Isn't everyone in China forced to openly state what he or she thinks of Falun Gong?

B: Yes! That is true.

Me: Isn't it also true that if a person practices Falun Gong, he won't be allowed to travel abroad? Aren't all his relatives affected along with him? Won't it also hurt his career?

B: Yes. It is happening everywhere in China. It has made everyone feel uneasy. Nobody dares to talk about Falun Gong.

Me: Then who do you think are the real terrorists?

B: Yes. What you just said sounds very reasonable.

Me: Do you know what people are trying to cultivate when they cultivate themselves in Falun Gong?

B: No. I don't know.

Me: Have you ever read Zhuan Falun?

B: No. I have not.

Me: Since you have no idea what Falun Gong practitioners are trying to cultivate, and have not read Zhuan Falun, how can you draw any conclusions about Falun Gong by simply believing what Jiang said?

B: (Silence).

Me: The practitioners of Falun Gong cultivate "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

They try to follow the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" in their daily lives and aim to be good people. Zhuan Falun presents many reasons why one should be a good person.

B: That sounds like a very good book. I really want to read it. But unfortunately, Jiang has burned all of the books. Now, I cannot find any Falun Gong books.

Me: You definitely will get a chance to read it. I can email it to you.

B: That is very kind of you. You must e-mail the book to me.

Me: You will definitely get the email from me.

Many "internet buddies" of mine have changed their attitudes toward Falun Gong after having similar talks with me. In order to break through all the different obstacles that prevent people from obtaining the Fa, Master Li has used a variety of methods and approaches to teach the Fa to people from all walks of life.

I have personally experienced that, no matter what kind of people we face, we need to use the wisdom given to us by Dafa and apply the principles that we have learned from Dafa to rationally persuade people who have been deceived by the evil. Many people do not know what Falun Dafa truly is or have never heard of the principles of Dafa that we relate to them. Their minds are filled with defamation from the evil. But once a person hears the principles of Dafa, no matter what kind of background he has, often he will respect and admire those principles. His negative attitude will then change, and he will escape the evil's control. It is true that certain people are very stubborn and are completely controlled by the evil, and it is hard to change their attitudes overnight. However, they have also been restrained by Dafa disciples' wisdom and Fa's principles and much of their hatred towards Dafa has been reduced. In the process, the evil that is controlling them is being dealt heavy blows.