Fifty-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Ren Tingling died of torture in March, while in a brainwashing class held in Haiyang City, Shandong Province. There were more than 160 Falun Dafa practitioners forced into attending that brainwashing class. The vicious police often hung practitioners in the air while they were handcuffed, so that their feet couldn't touch the ground, and the police beat them up and used cigarettes to burn their faces. Female practitioners endured various forms of sexual abuse.

Falun Dafa Disciple Ju Yajun, a male who is about 30 years old died recently of force-feeding in the Changlinzi Labor Camp. They brutally force-fed him twice a day for many days, and they gave him some injections of unknown substances. This is the second case in the Changlinzi Labor Camp where a Falun Dafa practitioner died of force-feeding, the first being the case of Kong Deyi.

Lessening the Pressure on Practitioners in China

American congressman Vic Snyder from Arkansas wrote to the SOS Global Rescue Walk group on November 1st. He thanked the group for revealing the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong members in China, and he expressed that amidst the crisis in America and in the world, spreading the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance is very helpful to all people.

During the evening news on November 4th the San Francisco ABC News reported that Falun Gong practitioners staged a protest outside the Chinese Consulate Building, condemning the escalating violence against Falun Gong believers in China. The report indicated, "Falun Gong is not a religion, but a faith that focuses on self-improvement through meditation."

A newspaper called the Courier and Advertiser in Dundee City, UK reported that a Member of Parliament Mr. Luke is concerned with the fact that the Chinese Embassy refuses to issue a passport to the daughter of Falun Gong practitioners, and Mr. Luke will continue to pursue this case.

Australian Labor Party candidate David Borger received an interview with an FGM TV producer. He said that the Australian government should raise the Falun Gong human rights issue directly to the Chinese government. The candidates of other parties all strongly condemned the inhuman, human-rights-violating persecution of the Chinese government.

Maryland: An executive from Prince Georges County issued a Certificate of Acknowledgement to Mr. Li Hongzhi on November 5th, which praises the SOS Global Rescue Walk.

Mainland China

News from China -- 11/08/01

The "610" office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the government and all other political and judiciary systems) abducted more than twenty Falun Dafa practitioners, illegally forced them to join a brainwashing class held in the Guiyang City Zhongba Labor Camp. They illegally charged each person's work place 2,000 Yuan RMB (the average monthly salary of a city worker is 500 Yuan). They put the word out that if these Falun Gong practitioners would not give up, they would not let them go.

During September, Liu Tengyun, Administrator of Miaohou Township, Qixia City, Shandong Province, and Fan, Head of the local police station, fulfilled the arresting quota, which they received from their upper level, by going to each village and town with ten policeman. They abducted Ms. Hu Zhixiang as well as others and forced them to attend a brainwashing class.

Qinghua graduate student Wang Zhiqiang disappears in Beijing (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/3/15379.html). He was detained in "the side-door of 44 Banbuqiao, Xuanwu District, Beijing." It is the infamous Beijing 7th Detention Center, where special cases are handled. Kindhearted people, please pay attention to Wang Zhiqiang's safety.

When a three-year-old disciple was asked, "If you are all by yourself, what are you going to do when a bad guy comes?" He replied sternly, "He won't come!" And he repeated the answer once again. The three-year-old child has no acquired notions. His righteous thought shocked hundreds of evils.

74 solemn declarations were received today, to declare to the world that the documents they signed under intensive brainwashing, and everything they did/said or other people did/said in their names that oppose Dafa and damage Dafa are null and void. They expressed their determination in redoubling their efforts in clarifying the truth and, to compensate for the damage that their actions have caused to Falun Dafa, in exposing the evil, and they expressed their determination in firmly holding to their righteous thoughts, never being moved, and steadfastly cultivating in Falun Dafa to the very end.

A newspaper in Hong Kong called the Ming Bao had a special report on November 6th, 2001, it said that there have been more than 41,500 people who have declared on Minghui.net that they will start to cultivate in Falun Dafa again. Due to the severe Internet filtering done by the government, it is estimated the real number should be larger than this.

The evil gang in Suixi County, Huaibei City, Anhui Province persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners by detaining, jailing, and sending them to brainwashing classes. They torture Dafa disciples by depriving them of sleep. A couple Zhou Hui and Chen Xiuyun were both illegally sent to jail, and their young child has no one to take care for him.

A 63-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner was forced to move, consequently her husband died of from the strain.

Thugs in Jidian Street and Tongcheng Street in Echeng City, Heilongjiang Province tortured many Dafa practitioners by means of extorting money, illegal detention, beating, and other abuses. The thugs tied and hung Zhang Guirong up in the "flying torture" position for 32 hours. (In this torture, the head of the victim is bent down until it cannot go down any further, while the hands are pulled up and held up to the highest point.) On top of that, during 45 days of daily force-feeding sessions they force-fed her twice a day, inserting tube through her nose over eighty times.

Practitioners at Chongqing City Female Labor Camp have been using all kinds of methods to resist the evil, such as reciting Teacher's articles in a group, practicing exercises, going on a hunger strike, refusing to "call out numbers" (a form of taking attendance) and refusing to wear a prisoner uniform, among others. All of them were brutally tortured: handcuffs and punishment tools, forced standing and squatting, illegal lengthening of prison terms or refusal of release when their term expired.

Chongqing City Female Labor Camp uses malicious methods to coerce practitioners to be brainwashed: vicious police stuff their mouths with dirty clothes and socks. Then they seal their mouths with yellow tape. Thus the practitioners are forced to breathe through their nose. Then, they cuff practitioners' hands behind their backs and send several guards to force practitioners to watch TV programs that slander Dafa.

A list of names of some of the debased police officers at Chongqing City Female Labor Camp: Wang Zhitao, Chen Liqun, Yu Qinghua, Liu Yongqin, He Zhonglin, Li Chaozhen and Hu Mei.

The crimes of Huanghua City's police department authorities' persecution of practitioners in Hebei Province: kidnapping, illegal arrest and detention, forced attendance at brainwashing class, extorting money, beating, force-feeding, and more.

The persecution of practitioners at Xi'an City's Female Labor Camp is constantly escalating. On June 7th, 27 practitioners who are determined to resist forced brainwashing held group study and practice. On June 21st, over a dozen criminal prisoners, led by several police, brutally beat with batons the 27 female practitioners who were holding hands to resist the evil persecution. After the beating, they examined the practitioners' wounds and beat those practitioners were not seriously wounded even more.

Practitioners illegally detained at Masanjia Labor Camp, no matter how old or young they are, were brutally tortured by police for refusing to give up their belief in Dafa. The police forced them to take off their clothes and stand in the snow clad only in underwear; they hit practitioners' sensitive body parts with electric batons for a long time; they instigated the criminal prisoners to beat the practitioners; they deprived practitioners of sleep, confined them in "small cell" and solitary confinement cells, and used hanging, handcuffing, forced squatting, etc. to torture them. Illegally detained practitioners didn't cooperate with the evil and were determined to safeguard Dafa. Some practitioners consecutively walked out of Masanjia thus suffocating the evil! The days can be counted until the complete elimination of the evil at Masanjia!

Fuxin Labor Camp in Liaoning Province used inhuman methods to torture practitioners. The police often tightly tie-up practitioners with rope, hit them with electric batons, beat their heads, shoulders and backs with an iron shovels, forbid them to sleep for days and still force them to work during the day. Friends and kind-hearted people, please pay attention to this.

Dongwan City's Detention Center personnel in Guangdong Province brought disaster to the local people with their brutalities toward practitioners. Around 4:00 p.m. on November 5, the Qifeng Natural Gas Utility Company in Liaobu Town of Dongwan City had a serious explosion, which caused one death and four injuries.

This year, Guangdong Province was continuously attacked by thunderstorms and tornados. We think that the endless disasters are caused by the local thugs' brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The vicious government officials of Guangdong Province have at least five Dafa practitioners' lives on their conscience.

The demon's dens of persecution of Falun Gong in Guangdong Province: Yingde Jail; Dongwan City Detention Center; Fanyu Police Department; Chengnan Police Station; Gaozhou City No. 1 Detention Center; Chigang Street Police Station; Chatou Labor Camp in Guangzhou City; Guangzhou City Police Department; Tangxia Detention Center in Tianhe District; Chatou Island Female Labor Camp; Chatou Jail; Tianhe Detention Center in Guangzhou City; Huanan Normal University; Jinan University; Heshan District Shaping Re-education Center; Sanshui Labor Camp, Sanshui Jail in Shenzhen City; Futian Police Department.

Jiang Zemin's regime goes against heaven and the law of the cosmos in his persecution of Dafa and has brought about countless disasters in China:

--Ever since July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin's criminal group used lies, violence and implication, among other vicious methods, to persecute the law of the universe, "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance," which enraged heaven and earth, human beings and the gods! From then on, reports of catastrophes came in waves and brought calamity upon the people.

--Freedom Asian TV report: the Wei River is short of water. Water pollution and flooding are extremely severe.

--The number of Aids patients in Guangdong Province has exceeded 20,000. According to the statistics of Guangdong Province's Health Department, 2,132 Aids patients were found to be infected in Guangdong Province, which is the fourth highest in the nation. Some experts predict that the HIV virus carriers in the province have exceeded 20,000.

--Central News Agency report: experts point out that as climate and environmental changes take place, cities in China are likely to suffer from large-scale insect infestation.

People Are Waking Up

-- A supervisor told a laid-off worker if he would tail a practitioner, and he would get 300 Yuan [about one month income] for reporting one practitioner, in addition to his salary. He firmly refused, "No matter how poor I am, I can't do things against the law and hurt others!"

--A son said to his mother who is a residential supervisor, "Mother, don't intervene in Falun Gong things." His mother said, "I certainly won't do those things. I won't become such a fool who is to going be buried with them [the thugs] in the future, even if they pay me."

--Hu Xianlong, director of Wuzhan Town's police station in Zaodong City, Heilongjiang Province beat and extorted money from practitioners. Now he is suffering retribution--lung cancer, and he will soon perish. After his daughter-in-law became pregnant, she took lots medicine to prevent a miscarriage. However, she still had a miscarriage in the end.


Worldwide Views

Jiang Zemin's regime smears Falun Gong and deceives people with lies and fabricated stories. First they say that Falun Gong is involved in politics and is intent on gaining political power. Then they say that Falun Gong practitioners performed a self-immolation in order to go to heaven. Any rational person can easily see the contradiction: If Falun Gong practitioners want to go to heaven, they have no designs on political power on earth. If they want political power, they have no intention of going to heaven. We can see that the more lies Jiang Zemin tells, the more obvious the truth becomes.

Practitioners in Taiwan are taking the opportunity in their workplace to introduce Dafa to their clients and clarify the truth. Once a practitioner met a client who had been deceived by the propaganda in China. He calmly told him the true truth with powerful righteous thoughts. Several minutes later the client's mind was changed.

Warning to the police in China: you should come to your senses now. Don't betray your conscience to keep your jobs. When you use the electric batons on the elderly people, on women, and on children, has it occurred to you that you, too, have parents, wives and children?

A Belgian practitioner wrote a letter to his family (Part One). When someone has found something precious, he is always eager to share it with his loved ones. When he sees that many people suffering from ailments regain good health after practicing Falun Gong, he sincerely wishes all his family and friends could be so fortuitous.

It is a very important step for overseas practitioners to eliminate the attachment to comfort during the process of Fa-rectification. We should completely deny all that hinders the process of Fa-rectification, and step forward from the comfort of life, which erodes our will and nurtures laziness. We ought to clarify the truth whole-heartedly, without any reservations that come from selfishness.

Cultivate Benevolence: I shall stop enduring passively without principles. The Fa-rectification verse and righteous thoughts bid me to concentrate all my power and eliminate the persecution and interference with an indestructible will. To rectify all that is not right and be responsible for all the right factors, that is benevolence in my current understanding.

Please try to collect the evidence of the persecution within your reach. For example, we can keep a record or clip of the fabricated news reports on newspapers, radio, and TV. And we can keep the receipt when the practitioner is fined. It's better to keep the original stuff. We change from being passive to active and improve in the Fa-rectification.

"Clarifying the truth = being detained and interrogated = labor camp or jail" is a formula created by those who persecute Dafa. We shall completely deny it and eliminate it from our minds.

Learn to recognize the malignant tumors showing up under the mask of kindness: The real threat is the one that is manipulating people from other dimensions, even manipulating the warped mindset or karma of a practitioner to persecute Dafa and bring damage.

What I learn from "burning clothes or fabric with patterns of some bad images". The way we talk, behave, and carry ourselves, and the things we wear all reflect the realm of a practitioner.

News from Overseas

Practitioners in Canada congratulate the founding of "Falun Dafa Association in Austria".

Practitioners from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the U.S. introduce Dafa at a "Chinese Festival" and clarify the truth to the Chinese, shedding the light of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance" into the hearts of people.

According to Mediafax, on November 3, 2001 in Romania, tens of practitioners plan to protest in Cluj City against the persecution of Falun Gong and the torture of practitioners in China.

The local newspaper in Pennsylvania "Times Herald" carried an article on September 2, 2001: An Ancient Way of Life Comes to Wilkes-Barre. It's a report on Falun Gong and the persecution in China.

Practitioners in Ohio, USA, introduce Falun Gong and clarify the truth at the International Festival in Columbus, at Cincinnati University's "Back to School Parade", and the Ohio Cosmic Light Exhibition.

A letter from Singaporean practitioners to the director of Chinese Commercial Society: On behalf of all the Falun Gong practitioners in the world, here we call upon the leaders of the Chinese Commercial Society not to help the Chinese Embassy spread lies to deceive the people of Singapore. Please close the site of the exhibition.

On the morning of November 5, 2001, Falun Gong practitioners in Ottawa, Canada went to the Chinese Embassy in Canada, appealing to "Stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Changchun."

On October 7, 2001, Falun Gong practitioners in Hiroshima, Japan attended an International "Peace and Love" Festival. They introduced Falun Dafa and clarified the truth to the people who attended.

The righteous thoughts of overseas Chinese:

--When accepting some material clarifying the truth, one Chinese person said, "Oh, Falun Gong. I will start to learn it, I will. Jiang Zemin went too far."

--After learning the truth, the owner of a Chinese restaurant said, "How can the Chinese government be so brutal? The police itself dares not to be so reckless; these bad deeds were essentially done from 'the top'."

Pennsylvania State University in the USA held a "Falun Dafa Introductory Day".

On November 5, Falun Gong practitioners exposed Jiang Zemin's horrifying suppression of Falun Gong to more than three hundred people at Nikolai Cathedral in Germany. The practitioners also described the peace and rationality of Falun Gong practitioners who hold onto their beliefs, even under the most extreme persecution. The people in the church listened with tears in their eyes.

A special symposium, with the topic of "Righteous Beliefs Enhance the Immune System," was held in Texas by a Falun Gong practitioner, who is also Professor of Immunology at Baylor Medical Center.

On October 6, the SOS walking team in South Korea departed from The Freedom Bridge on a 530 kilometer SOS Walk. They reached their final destination in Pusan City on October 24. The SOS Walk from Montreal, Canada to the city of New York in the USA is continuing. The SOS Walk Across the US has reached Memphis, Tennessee.

According to a report in The World Daily on November 6, Falun Gong practitioners gathered together in front of the Chinese consulate in Vancouver, to welcome the "SOS! RescueWalk" participants returning to Vancouver. They also appealed for help in stopping the recent persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Changchun City by the Chinese government.

Reports on Urgent Rescue Activities in one county in Japan. During the past few days, Falun Gong practitioners have been passing out truth-clarifying materials to local citizens. They also met with government officials to explain the persecution of Falun Gong in China . On November 5, practitioners held a press conference at the Journalist Club in County Hall.

Cultivation Stories

One practitioner did not pay much attention to the vicious people, even when he was deceived into entering a police station and was detained there. With righteous thoughts, he overcame the tribulations and unlocked the handcuffs. He later went to Tiananmen Square to clarify the truth and save people. His righteous thoughts were very powerful and he returned home safely.

Go to Tiananmen Square to fulfill a wish. As long as we have the heart, Teacher will make the best arrangements for us. We just need to proceed with righteous hearts and righteous thoughts.

A woman who lived in the countryside regained her life after practicing Falun Dafa. During the vicious persecution, she was very determined. Although she only had a few years of schooling , she lettered Dafa banners and small posters herself. On the evening of April 26, local police illegally arrested her. After 89 days of inhuman torture, she was sent to a labor camp. With righteous thoughts, she broke the arrangements of the old forces: she was rejected by the labor camp and released.

An experience from a lady in Malaysia: since beginning her practice, her body has purified constantly and her main consciousness has become stronger and stronger. While becoming more energetic, she has also become more open-minded and is having a happier life.

A story of obtaining the Fa in Ireland.

After finding the books Zhuan Falun and Essentials for Further Advancement, I liked them so much that I read them several times through without a break. My heart was totally shaken; the feeling was beyond description. I felt as if I suddenly owned everything in the world, and all of puzzles in life were answered in an instant.