By A Dafa Disciple

( During the present Fa-rectification period, every Dafa disciple feels pressed for time. Especially when one's state of cultivation is not good, it is easy to feel that one has not done anything yet, while time has passed by like a jolt of electricity. An indescribable feeling of anxiety rushes over one. The more anxiously one wants to do things, the less effective one becomes. At the same time, he can't study the Fa with a calm heart. I think that all these problems come about because of being restricted by the deity "Time" in this realm, while being blocked by the human notion of "time".

We are Fa-rectification divine beings of the Dafa of the Universe in human society, disciples of the Lord of Buddhas, and have unlimited wisdom and divine power. How can we be restricted by the deity of time who is at the bottom level of the three realms? We also know that a shichen (two hours) in our dimension is a year in another dimension. In fact, as cultivators, as long as we can break through the human notions that have been formed over hundreds of thousands of years, our divine power can be released and we can step out of humanness. During our cultivation process, Master has already given us immeasurable and uncountable divine powers. Just because we don't know about them doesn't mean they don't exist. No one locks them; it is our human notions that block them from being used, our own notions that restrict us.

Take "time" as an example: instead of being passively controlled by it, a cultivator can control it completely by totally jumping out of its restrictions and moving in and out of the time fields of different dimensions. We can control time, use it for ourselves, and truly start "using at will." I enlightened to this principle because of a small matter. I work in a company where the lunch break is very short. Only ten minutes or so are left after eating lunch each day. Before, I had thought that time was too short to do anything, so I did nothing. I would just have a short rest, and time would pass very quickly. One day, I was very keen to read the Fa and so I took out Zhuan Falun to read. After I had really concentrated on reading for nearly half a lecture, I suddenly looked up and it was just time for work. So ten minutes had gone by. The half of a lecture, which I usually couldn't finish in 40 minutes, was read in ten minutes and I felt time had passed very, very slowly--as if an hour had gone by. After wondering about this, one explanation stood out: that I had read the Fa in another time-space. I also felt that I had really come back from another dimension, and that once I realized this, it was time for work. Master told us in Zhuan Falun: "Modern science holds that time has a field. If something is not within the scope of a time-field, it is not restricted by that time. In other dimensions, the concepts of time-space are different from ours here. How can the time here regulate matter from other dimensions? It does not whatsoever." Even though I have read Zhuan Falun so many times, I only just recently acquired the most superficial understanding of these sentences.

Sometimes, when my mind is calm, neither anxious nor agitated, and I'm doing things in an orderly way, I can do a lot of Dafa work while completing my assignment at work without delay. I do not feel that time passes by quickly but instead feel very satisfied. I feel that I can finish anything that I set my mind on, and can get twice the results with half the effort. This should be the state of a Dafa cultivator doing Dafa work during the Fa-rectification period. Do you remember that Master told us a story about supernormal walking ability? You saw an old man who walked very, very slowly, but you couldn't catch up with him, even riding a horse, because he wasn't in this dimension.

If we step out of human notions, we won't be in this dimension, and won't be restricted by the various elements of this dimension.

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