1. A Dafa practitioner in the Northeast region draped a banner over the door of the procurator's office with the words, "The Buddha's light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." People there did not want to take it down. They said, "It's great to have the Buddha's light illuminates everywhere!"

2. A Dafa practitioner from the same county suspended a banner from the heads of both lion statues near the gate of the county police station. Later, one person reported to the police station that he found Dafa flyers. A policeman replied, "Go away quickly! Are you comfortable with spending the reward money from turning in Dafa practitioners? Aren't you afraid of Heaven's punishment? Aren't you mean!"

3. Two Dafa practitioners asked to be excused from a brainwashing class to distribute Dafa truth-telling literature. Being afraid that they might escape, the staff (policeman) followed them very closely. Both practitioners sent out righteousness thoughts as they walked, and easily handed out the flyers to people. Everyone who was watching thought that the policemen looked like the practitioners' personal protectors.

4. One day, a practitioner in Jilin city delivered Dafa flyers. Two elderly people were very touched. Considering that the practitioner might need money to print flyers, the old woman said, "Would you take my five Yuan (Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average worker in Chinese cities is about 500 Yuan)? The money is a token of my regard. " The old man said, "Yes, the information on the flyers is very good. I want to contribute five Yuan too." Though moved by their kindness, the Dafa practitioner politely declined their offers, and told them, "The difference between being good or bad is just a thought. Your thoughts have determined your bright future for yourselves."