There are many Falun Dafa practitioners Quzhou County, in Handan district. In some villages, there are a couple hundred people learning Dafa. Several honest and sincere villagers biked or walked to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, in accordance with the law. Passengers on any buses or trains heading toward Beijing have to present a 'pass' in the form of a letter provided by village councils. Only those proven to be non-practitioners are allowed to depart. This inspection has been so strict that the practitioners had to walk to Beijing to appeal. Li Qiulan, who is now jailed at Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Camp, walked 9 days before arriving in Beijing. In this county, four Falun Dafa practitioners have already been put into labor camps for going to appeal in Beijing. Many practitioners who rightfully and legally appealed were escorted back from Beijing or were intercepted on their way. They have suffered a variety of tortures and indignations. Brutal beatings, being handcuffed into agonizing positions, being ddetained indefinitely, paying huge and arbitrary fines, etc. have awaited these practitioners. As a result, many families have been broken up with their members forced apart.

Currently 28 Dafa Practitioners Illegally Jailed in Zhou County Lockup Meng Tianyu (pseudonym), male, 54 years old, is from X village, X town, Quzhou County, Hebei province. He has practiced Falun Dafa (Great Law; Universal Principals) since July of 1998. On January 19, 2000 (Note: This date was based on the Chinese lunar calendar / translator), he went to the county government to tell the truth about Falun Dafa. Li Tongren and Ma Jinsheng of the county's Security Section arrested and detained him for 44 days, claiming that they were 'establishing public security'. They did not release him until they collected 2,000 Yuan from him (annual average income in rural areas is less than 2,000 Chinese Yuan or $250 US). On July 26, 2000, Meng, told the government his experience while cultivating Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance, which is also in strict accordance with the law. He was then arrested again. He has been detained for almost 5 months, and has not been able to obtain legal representation. Even a murderer has the right to appeal, but it seems that a Falun Dafa practitioner is forbidden to do any such thing. Lei Zhongcheng (pseudonym), male, is 49 years old. On the morning of September 21, 2000, local police arrested him while he was harvesting corn on his farm. When asked where the Dafa (Great Law) books came from, he refused to answer. Li Tongren and Ma Jinsheng from County Politics and Security Section also came to interrogate him. They kicked his legs and ordered him to kneel down. He said, "No, I did not commit any crimes". They then forced him to the floor and hung him by his arms for one hour. In the afternoon, they handcuffed him and escorted him, along with other practitioners, Li Baoyue and He Xinping to a cell. While in lockup, Ma Jinsheng said: "This fellow is not obedient. Send him to the criminal cell to be educated!" (i.e. have the prisoners beat him). Later, he was ridiculously charged with "Interfering with Social Security" and was sentenced to a15-day detention; without issuing a detention warrant. Although more than 3 months have passed, none of the practitioners have been released. Li Jianping (pseudonym), female, is 33 years old. On August 24, 2000 (by the lunar calendar), the county police arrested her while she was cooking breakfast at home and took her to the town police station. While in custody, a yellow-haired policeman interrogated her, wanting to know where her Dafa books came from. She did not answer. He then yelled: "The mayor has given us permission to beat you until you only have one breath left, and to fine you until you have nothing and are penniless." Li Jianping, has been illegally jailed for more than three months and has not released to date . Thus, we call for help and support from all the righteous people in the world; to let all Falun Dafa practitioners go home to their families! Zhang Haomei (pseudonym), is a female practitioner. On April 4, 2000 (the lunar calendar), Dahedao Local Police Station illegally arrested her and handcuffed her to a pole in full display of the public for one hour. They questioned her about the source of her materials --they included truthful details about Dafa. She did not say anything, since she believed that she should not assist in fulfilling with their wicked motives. They forced her to kneel and had both of her arms straight up for quite a while, and also swung a leather belt to scare her. They then handcuffed her to a motorcycle and sent her to the county lockup. She has been illegally jailed for over eight months now. Liu Ningqiang (pseudonym), male, 48 years old, obtained Dafa on August 1996. At 2 am on July 18, 1999, Houchun town officials arrested him (without a warrant) for the purpose of "transformation". While he was being "transformed", he was not allowed to speak or explain anything, and was continuously pressured to write a guarantee letter not to practice Falun Gong. He firmly refused to write it. On July 25, He was tied up and sent to the county lockup. He was jailed with criminal prisoners, who were encouraged by the guards to beat him. Seven to eight prisoners beat him at once. Consequently, his head was dizzy, his feet were injured, and his waist was swollen. They forced him not to practice the exercises. One month later, he was released after being fined 3,000 Chinese Yuan. His wife refused to accept the unfair treatment and went to Beijing to appeal according to the law. The security police took her back while she was still on her way. The county government fined her 500Yuan, the town government fined her another 500, and the police station fined her 130. Once again the Chief of Local Police Station, Li Shouzhong asked Liu Ningqiang whether he still practiced Falun Gong. Liu Ningqiang said: "Falun Gong teaches me to cultivate my heart and improve morality. It is such a good cultivation. I will practice till the end." Li Shouzhong, was furious upon hearing this, he yelled and tried to force Liu Shouzhong, to write a guarantee letter to not practice and to submit 500 Chinese Yuan as cash pledge. Liu Ningqiang, courageously refused this most unjust proposition. As a result, the police punished him by ordering him to clean the toilet, sweep the floor and to do other general cleanings for 5 days. Later, even the police praised him for his good work in cleaning the place . Liu Ningqiang, said that it is Falun Dafa that teaches him to do a good job. On December 25, 1999, the town local police station arrested Liu Ningqiang, again, by using the same excuse, while he was watering his field. They forced him to write a guarantee letter, and he refused. He said, "We practitioners follow Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance. We do not commit any wrongdoings against the law and we don't get involved in politics. I won't write any guarantee letter (not to practice Falun Gong)." He asked them to report to the higher-level officials (about the truth of Falun Gong). They did not report. With no other choice, he protested, and went on hunger strike. The officials decided to force feed him. Seven to eight people violently inserted a tube into his stomach while beating and pinning him down so that he could not move. Liu Ningqiang, again went on another hunger strike which lasted 12 days as he lost consciousness twice. They then released him, because they were afraid that he might die. This time he was detained five months. On July 22, 2000, he was arrested once more and has been imprisoned up to the current date.

Persecution Suffered by Practitioners in Quzhou County, Handan District, Hebei Province

  1. Li Qiulan, female, 47 years old, is a farmer. She went to the town government, and county government many times to tell the truth about Falun Gong . As a result, she was illegally imprisoned three times and fined 1,000 Yuan. On July 2000, she walked to Beijing to make an appeal. She went all the way to Beijing and told people the truth about Falun Dafa; hoping that her sincerity would touch people's hearts. Beijing police arrested her instead of being moved. She was escorted back to the county lockup. On October 2000, she was sent to Shijiazhuang Women Labor Camp in Hebei Province for one year of "labor education".
  2. Han Baozhu, female, 37 years old, is a teacher. On February of 2000, she went to Beijing to make an appeal and was sent back to the county lockup for a 64-day detention. During the detention, she went on a hunger strike for 21 days due to her strong convictions and to validate Dafa. They force-fed her corn soup and tortured her many times. In October of 2000, she was escorted to Shijiazhuang Women's Labor Camp in Hebei province for one year of "labor education".
  3. Zhang Shufang, female, couldn't bear that government media was cheating people. She made her best effort to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. Thus, she was arrested and detained many times. In October 2000, she was escorted to Shijiazhuang Women Labor Camp in Hebei province for one year of "labor education".
  4. Wang Aimei, female, told people the truth about Falun Dafa without any fear for her life . She would rather let people know about Falun Dafa so that they can have a better future. This caused her to end up in jail many times. In October 2000, she was escorted to Shijiazhuang Women Labor Camp in Hebei province for one year of "labor education".
  5. Luo Xiangmin, male, 30 years old, holds bachelor's degree, and was an administrator in a tax office, and the previous head of a Falun Dafa volunteer assistance center in Quzhou County. He has been detained in the county lockup for 10 months now. His goal is to be firm and follow the principals of truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance; despite all vicious opposition.
  6. Huang Yunzhang, male, 38 years old, is self-employed. He went to Beijing to appeal three times while in accordance with the law. He has been jailed since February 2000, over 10 months. On December 10, 2000, he saw a big Falun turning when he was in the prison. He shouted together with other fellow practitioners: "Falun Dafa is good!" "Falun Dafa is the orthodox Fa!" He was later handcuffed for saying Falun Dafa is good.
  7. Wei Xianhua, female, 44 years old, is a staff member at a rural community government. He was illegally imprisoned on December 1, 2000, for distributing materials telling the truth about Falun Dafa. On the same day, Li Tongren and Ma Jinsheng, of the county Politics and Security Section, interrogated Wei, for a whole day. During which they insulted her with dirty words and punished her by making her kneel with both hands straight up for as long as 4 hours. The next day, they broke down her door, broke into her suitcases , and stole her Falun Dafa materials, audio-tapes, tape recorder, and Master Li's picture etc. She is still jailed in the county lockup.
  8. Li Yuebao, female, is 35 years old. She appealed legally to the government many times and has been jailed four times. She was once handcuffed for 4 days, during which time she persisted in practicing Falun Gong exercises. Besides that, she went on a 15-day hunger strike. In September, of 2000, she was arrested for spreading Falun Dafa materials and has been detained for more than 3 months.
  9. Li Shixia, male, 35 years old, was an employee of the Fourth Company of Hebei Province Metallurgy & Building Company. On July 20, 1999, he made an appeal in Beijing, in accordance with the law and was suspended from his job. In February, of 2000, he was put under house arrest by his company for15 days and was later fired because he refused to write a guarantee letter. On April 8, 2000 (by the lunar calendar), he was arrested while sharing experiences with other practitioners. He is still being detained and has been there for over 7 months.
  10. Li Yunchuan, male, 46 years old and Wang Xiange, female, 45 years old, are husband and wife. They have been jailed and fined for explaining their true story to the local government. Li Yunchuan, was beaten by criminal prisoners while he was in detention. In February 2000, Wang Xiange, went to Beijing twice to appeal, all the while in accordance to the law. . She was arrested and sent to jail without delay . Currently, they have spent 10 months in jail.
  11. Tian Penge, female, is 35 years old. She was illegally detained for 40 days because of her appealing and for her efforts in validating Dafa. She was arrested a second time, while she was working in the field. Since she refused to write a guarantee letter, she was illegally detained for 8 months. After being handcuffed behind her back for 15 days, her hands became bruised and her arms swollen. She safeguarded Dafa with her life by holding a 19-day hunger strike.
  12. Wang Wenfang, female, is 33 years old. She made a legal appeal to the government on July 20, 1999. The local police station handcuffed her to a pole before the public for a grueling half-hour and imposed a 330-Yuan, fine on her. In February, of 2000, she went to appeal again and was illegally detained in the county lockup for 50 days, during which time she went on a 14-day hunger strike. Being suspected of distributing Falun Dafa materials, she was jailed in August of 2000 and is still detained.
  13. Qin Fuchen, male, is 38 years old. In February 2000, he went to the local government to reveal the truth about Falun Dafa. He was then detained 34 days, during which time male and female prisoners were detained in the same room. On July 2000, he attended an experience sharing meeting. Police punished him and made him kneel on a pole with bare feet. They beat the soles of his feet with a bamboo stick, all while forcing him to keep his arms in the air. Once his arms were down, they would beat his palms. When the bamboo stick was broken, they beat him with a wooden stick; when the wood stick was broken, they switched to a larger wooden stick. The thugs beat him and swore at him simultaneously, slapping his face over one hundred times and grinding his heels with leather shoes. As a result, he could not walk.

Other Currently Detained Falun Dafa Practitioners from Quzhou County:

  1. Qin Yuxiang, male, 54, farmer;
  2. He Xinping, female, 33, unemployed;
  3. Fan Rongfen, female, farmer;
  4. Zhang Xinfen, female, 32, farmer;
  5. Xu Jinfeng, female, 45, farmer;
  6. Yan Haoyou, male, 38, farmer;
  7. Zhang Fengqin, male, 48, farmer;
  8. Zhang Qingtai, male, 44, farmer;
  9. Fu Wendong, male, farmer;
  10. Wang Shuxia, female, 33, farmer;
  11. Zhang Pingjun, female, 31, farmer;
  12. Li Shoufen, female, 52, farmer;
  13. Li Shoufang, female, 33, farmer.
Dafa practitioners at Quzhou County, Handan District, Hebei Province, Who Were Illegally Detained and Fined for Nothing But Legal Appeals:
  1. Hu Huiling, female, 36, farmer, detained twice, fined 3,190 Chinese Yuan;
  2. Guo Jingfang, female, 30, farmer, detained twice, fined 2,000 Chinese Yuan;
  3. Han Shuxia, female, 32, farmer, detained 3 times, fined 2,720 Chinese Yuan;
  4. Qin Minglu, male, 28, doctor, detained twice, fined 2,410 Chinese Yuan;
  5. Li Zhihong, female, 27, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,920 Chinese Yuan;
  6. Zhang Aihua, female, 54, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,920 Chinese Yuan;
  7. Duan Aihua, female, 54, farmer, detained twice, fined 2,076 Chinese Yuan;
  8. Wu Jiuying, female, 28, farmer, detained twice, fined 2,020 Chinese Yuan;
  9. Wang Zhengniu, male, 62, farmer, detained once, fined 200 Chinese Yuan;
  10. Xia Xiangqin, female, 52, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,300 Chinese Yuan;
  11. Su Beichen, male, 64, farmer, detained once, fined 2,000 Chinese Yuan;
  12. Zhang Junying, female, 64, farmer, detained once, fined 1,500 Chinese Yuan;
  13. Shen Xiuxiang, 66, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,600 Chinese Yuan;
  14. Jiang Jiulan, female, 38, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,500 Chinese Yuan;
  15. Li Xifeng, female, 46, farmer, detained once, fined 1,880 Chinese Yuan;
  16. Bai Changgeng, male, 50, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,430 Chinese Yuan;
  17. Han Jingang, male, 30, village doctor, detained twice, fined 3,000 Chinese Yuan;
  18. Guo Xiuping, female, 29, farmer, detained once, fined 1,430 Chinese Yuan;
  19. An Jinmei, female, 52, farmer, detained once, fined 300 Chinese Yuan;
  20. He Yuechao, male, 28, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,200 Chinese Yuan;
  21. Liu Jiufeng, female, 56, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,400 Chinese Yuan;
  22. Chen Xiuqin, female, 39, farmer, detained once, fined 330 Chinese Yuan;
  23. Wang Minliang, male, 38, farmer, detained twice, fined 500 Chinese Yuan;
  24. Han Qingfu, male, 59, farmer, detained twice, fined 2,200 Chinese Yuan;
  25. Li Fengshan, male, 36, farmer, detained twice, fined 2,430 Chinese Yuan;
  26. Zhang Fengying, female, 37, farmer, detained twice, fined 2,300 Chinese Yuan;
  27. He Xiufen, female, 63, farmer, detained twice, fined 2,500 Chinese Yuan;
  28. Chang Yunxia, female, 32, farmer, detained once, fined 1,000 Chinese Yuan;
  29. Han Junhai, male, 36, farmer, detained twice, fined 2,000 Chinese Yuan;
  30. Li Yunmei, female, 33, farmer, detained twice, fined 2,620 Chinese Yuan;
  31. Wu Fengmei, female, 45, farmer, detained once, fined 1,850 Chinese Yuan;
  32. Li Xinqiao, female, 31, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,450 Chinese Yuan;
  33. Han liangyin, male, 29, farmer, detained twice, fined 1,750 Chinese Yuan;
  34. Xia Shumei, female, 47, farmer, detained once, fined 1,830 Chinese Yuan;
  35. Wang Fenghua, female, 35, was detained 18 days for nothing but practicing exercises at home, and fined 500 Chinese Yuan. She legally appealed in Beijing and 70 Chinese Yuan was taken away (without receipt) when subjected to a body search. She was detained again 44 days, and fined 1,500 Chinese Yuan.

In Addition, Those Practitioners who were fined over 100 Chinese Yuan for Nothing but Practicing Exercises at Home are:

        1. Wang Fenglian (1000 Yuan)
        2. He Yinfeng (1000 Yuan)
        3. Xu Xiuping (330 Yuan)
        4. Han Guodong (200 Yuan)
        5. Han Shuying (330 Yuan)
        6. Zhang Wenyu (200 Yuan)
        7. Long Ranyun (330 Yuan)
        8. Yan Guihua (330 Yuan)
        9. Li Xiuhua (330 Yuan)
        10. Jia Chunfeng (330 Yuan)

Those Who Were Fined 100 Yuan for Practicing Falun Gong Are: Wu Shuzhen, Yang Fengxiang, He Yinxue, An Zhimei, Yang Xiulian.

Those Who Were Fined for Reading the Book "Zhuan Falun" Are:

        1. Li Fenglei (200 Yuan)
        2. Li Fengxue (200 Yuan)
        3. Zhang Wenyu (200 Yuan)
        4. Wang Dongqin (200 Yuan)
        5. Li Shougang (100 Yuan)
        6. Wang Qiaofeng (100 Yuan)
        7. Jing Shufeng (100 Yuan)
        8. Chang Wenguo (100 Yuan)
        9. Guo Xiuyun (300 Yuan)
        10. Long Junlian (300 Yuan)

The Name List of The Dafa Practitioners from Ma Village, Houcun Town, Quzhou County Who Were Fined for Their Legal Appeals:

  1. Chang Meie, female, 45, farmer, fined 1,130 Yuan;
  2. Zhang Hongyun, female, 21, high school student, fined 1,130 Yuan;
  3. Zhang Wenchun, male, 66, farmer, fined 300 Yuan;
  4. Zhang Pengxiu, female, 33, farmer, fined 1,130 Yuan, 80 Yuan taken away during body search;
  5. Zhang Haibin, male, 29, farmer, fined 1,660 Yuan, 270 Yuan taken away during body search;
  6. Zhang Dejun, male, 51, farmer, fined 1,130 Yuan;
  7. Zhang Xitang, male, 49, farmer, fined 1,640 Yuan, over 200 Yuan taken away during body search;
  8. Zhang Jinhua, female, 28, farmer, fined 1,000 Yuan;
  9. Zhang Guihua, female, 20, farmer, fined 1,000 Yuan;
  10. Zhang Qiaoyun, female, 28, farmer, fined 1,000 Yuan;
  11. Zhang Jianling, male, 21, farmer, fined 1,000 Yuan.
Zhang Qingtai's mother, Zhang Haibin's mother and other 9 people had their homes illegally ransacked. Books, Fa pictures, audiotapes etc. were taken away. Each family was fined 500 Yuan. The county police caught the Dafa practitioners named above, who were on their way to make an appeal for justice in Beijing. They also made a body search, and took away 960 Yuan. Each of them was fined 10 Yuan at the county guesthouse. In such a small village, the government employees who enforce the law have been selfishly stealing other people's money, and have illegally obtained a total of 19,805 Yuan.

A List of Villains Who Persecute Dafa Practitioners at Quzhou County, Handan District

  1. Li Tongren, chief of Politics and Security Section, Quzhou County Police Station, in charge of Falun Gong cases, residence phone: 0310-8898502.
  2. Ma Jinsheng, whenever he interrogates practitioners, he tortures the practitioners by beating them up and forced standing etc., residence phone: 0310-8898388.
  3. Zhang Jingshan, Political Commissioner of County Police Station. Residence phone: 0310--8891663.
  4. Zhang Weiping, Head of County Lockup, office phone: 0310--8892689, residence phone: 0310--8893059.
  5. Qiao Linghuai, Head of Anzhai Town Police Station, Quzhou County: office phone: 0310--8943133.
  6. Zhang Hongxun, Party Secretary of Anzhai Town Government, Quzhou County, residence phone: 0310--8891931 (He has been transferred to the City Building Bureau, County Government).
  7. Yang Zhongxin, Party Secretary of Quzhou County Party Committee, office phone: 0310--8891218, residence phone: 0310--2521218, cell phone: 1393104982.
  8. Wang Lujun, Chief of Quzhou County Police Station, office phone: 0310--8896608.
  9. Niu Jinlu, Party Secretary of Politics and Law Committee, Quzhou County, office phone: 0310--8896922, residence phone: 0310--8895298, cell phone: 1393309689.
  10. Lou Qingyun, Vice Director of Houcun Town Police Station, office phone: 0310--8798330.
Dafa Practitioners in Mainland China 12/29/2000