(Minghui.org) Eight years ago my left arm, shoulder and back ached for more than six months. I looked within and found many attachments. I also exchanged cultivation insights about illness tribulations with other practitioners. The pain gradually disappeared. However, there were some “side effects.” My left shoulder always made a cracking noise. Although it didn’t hurt, it didn’t feel comfortable either. I knew in my heart it was because I did not overcome the tribulation. What exactly was the problem?

A few years went by and my shoulder still hurt. I tried sending righteous thoughts, not acknowledging it, etc.

One morning when I did the second exercise my shoulder made cracking sounds as usual. I had a thought: Use my ability to see what was causing the issue. Sometimes when I send righteous thoughts I see something. I closed my eyes and focused. A black hole appeared in front of me and I felt myself sliding down it.

I suddenly stopped and some scenes appeared. Images of many people flashed by very quickly. I heard someone saying, “The creator chose to spread Dafa in the mundane world. You obtained the Fa, but you fixed us here and we cannot obtain the Fa.”

I was shocked. When I looked closely I felt that they were like Sun Wukong, the monkey king who was suppressed under the mountain by Buddha.

I knew these people all waited a very long time to be saved Tears rolled down my cheeks.

Yes, Dafa is being spread to the world and they also yearned to obtain the Fa. However, I did not do anything to help them. They were trapped in this place and could not be saved.

I told them to leave. Those that should receive a benevolent solution would receive it while those who should obtain the Fa would. Let bygones be bygones. As soon as I had this thought my entire body shuddered. My left shoulder and arm suddenly felt very light.

While I saw these scenes I was still practicing the second exercise. I felt so excited. I do not know how much gratitude or resentment formed over millions of years—but they all received a resolution because of Dafa. The karma that was built up in my dimensions over my many lifetimes was gone! The shoulder problem that troubled me for years disappeared within minutes.

I understood that when we meet with some difficulties which seem impossible to resolve, we should examine them seriously instead of evading them. If we do not overcome these tribulations or difficulties, they will linger until we improve our xinxing.

I wanted to share my experiences with those practitioners like me, who cannot find their attachments or where they are stuck, which results in them being in a tribulation for a prolonged period of time. Maybe it’s due to the karma that we accumulated over our past life times that we need to repay and help them receive a benevolent solution.

Master clearly explained the Fa principles, “If a debt is owed, it must be paid.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun). Since we obtained the Fa, what can we not let go of? Let us cultivate in a down-to-earth manner and follow Master home.

These are my understandings at my cultivation level. Kindly correct me if there is any room for improvement.