(Minghui.org) I joined the RTC (Rapid Truth-Clarification) platform nine years ago and began calling people in China and helping them quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). I received training and memorized some talking points. This laid a great foundation for me to communicate effectively when I phoned people in China.

The phone numbers I was given included some that belonged to regular citizens and those in prominent positions. I was able to help twelve people quit the CCP and its youth organizations each day. We began to use Netease software to call people we connected to as friends on social media. Due to our previous interactions, the response to these phone calls was better and people were willing to listen and quit the CCP. I made as many as 100 calls a day. It was done accessing a virtual device, which was a bit complicated to use. My hands frequently hurt after using it for hours.

Three years ago we began to use “Quick Talk Connect” software, which requires two practitioners to work together. One person connects the call and the other talks. By working with another practitioner, I was able to help as many as 60 people quit the CCP a day, about three times more, compared to before. In three years, I was able to help about 30,000 people quit the CCP. This is not to show off my achievements, but to thank Master for his arrangements and other practitioners for their dedication. It would be impossible for me to achieve this by myself.

Every time I talk to people, I often feel they are my relatives. Because my voice sounds young, many people call me little sister. In fact, I have been practicing Dafa for 24 years, and I’m nearly 60 years old.

I make phone calls every morning after I study the Fa. I make calls until about an hour before I go to work. I sometimes go to work later in the afternoon, so I keep making phone calls until after lunch. After work, the first thing I do when I come home is to turn on my computer and make phone calls. On the days I’m off work, I normally make phone calls for 8 hours and, sometimes, for 9 hours. At first, I was so tired that my eyes couldn’t stay open, and I felt I reached my limit. Even though my mouth felt dry, I continued making calls. I later no longer felt so tired, and my mouth no longer felt dry—it seemed I made a breakthrough.

There are many things I can do while waiting for the calls to connect, such as reading Master’s new lectures, reading Minghui articles, or entering people’s names who quit the CCP on the Epoch Times website. This way, I do not waste any time.

Eliminating Resentment

In my job, I have different shifts every day and some days I don’t get home until about 9 p.m. so the practitioner who connects the phone calls has to wait for me. I rush home after I get off work, but sometimes when I log on, the practitioner asks me to wait. I wasn’t happy at first, but I knew that I need to cultivate myself and remember that others are busy with work or have other responsibilities.

One day, I found out that the other practitioner was talking to someone on the phone. My resentment immediately arose, and I was angry. He felt aggrieved and said he made a phone call because he saw I wasn’t there. I later realized the reason why I was angry was because I felt he affected my interests. I was determined to get rid of this bad attachment.

People Change After Hearing the Truth

I called a young man, and as soon as I mentioned quitting the CCP, he misunderstood and became angry. I thought I couldn’t save him using my own words, so I read Master’s new lecture “How Humankind Came To Be.” I said, “I just want you to be safe.” I asked him again to quit the CCP and he agreed.

When I asked another person to quit the CCP, he said, “I like China. If ‘Heaven’ is so useful, why doesn’t it help me get rich?” In order to help him understand the true purpose of life, I read “How Humankind Came To Be.” His attitude became respectful and he said, “I finally understand.” When I asked him to quit the CCP, he said yes. From these two examples, I really felt the power of the Fa.

I called another gentleman who was a CEO. We interacted well at first, but he got angry when I mentioned Falun Dafa. Although he never joined the CCP, he had many negative thoughts about Dafa and spoke rudely. He even called me stupid. That call lasted for 35 minutes, and I thought, “It’s getting so late, and he has so many misunderstandings, should I just hang up?” But then I noticed that his attitude was gradually changing. I did not want to give up on him. He eventually accepted the truth, and also recited the two auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” After ending the call, I felt like I experienced a battle between good and evil, and I thanked Master for helping me.

A Student Wants to Practice Dafa

I was connected with a female student. I told her the seriousness of making the oath when she joined the CCP’s youth organizations, and she agreed to quit. I then told her about the staged “Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation Incident” and how the CCP is taking organs from practitioners while they are alive. She was shocked and wept, and I encouraged her to tell other people about it. She suddenly said, “But there would be no China if there was no CCP.” I said, “That is one of the lies the CCP has told us since we were young. China has five thousand years of history and will exist forever. The CCP is just a political party, if it disappears, it will be replaced by another party, and China will be better without it.”

She said she wanted to practice Falun Dafa and would help her friend to quit the CCP. The younger generation has been deeply poisoned by the CCP’s culture and is very difficult to save. Fortunately, she had a kind heart, and two people were saved.

Children Quit the CCP’s Youth League

I talked to an elementary school student named Wang, and helped him quit the CCP’s Youth League. He told me he heard about reciting the two phrases: “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and that his friend told him to add me to his contact list. I was surprised and happy to hear this. He told me that a woman gave his friend an amulet and after sincerely reciting the two auspicious phrases, his friend’s grades went from the bottom to the top 10 in his class. The boy also hoped that his grades would improve and asked me to explain how to recite the phrases.

In the end, he said that he also told his friends to “friend me” on their social media. Not long after I disconnected the call, a girl called me. She said she was a middle school student and Wang told her about me. She agreed to quit the CCP’s youth organizations, and she also knew that sincerely reciting the two phrases would bring her blessings. I told her that many children died in the current wave of influenza, but they would have been saved if they recited the two phrases. I asked her to introduce more classmates to me, and she readily agreed.


Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I was afraid of hardships, but after 24 years of cultivation, I only need to sleep about 4 hours a day, which would have been unimaginable for me in the past. Dafa has completely reshaped me.

I often felt that I didn’t have enough time. I work in a supermarket and before the Chinese New Year holiday, the company said that we needed to cooperate and work longer hours. Even though I joined the company based on the agreement of only doing short shifts, they scheduled me to do five days of long shifts, and the situation became increasingly difficult for me. I suddenly realized that as a Dafa disciple, I was not there to make money, but to save people. I talked with the managers and explained that I was busy with some volunteer work. They understood and allowed me to go back to short shifts.

As long as our mind is on the Fa, the road is wide open because we came here to save sentient beings.

Thank you Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

(Presented during the RTC’s 2024 Annual Experience Sharing Conference)