(Minghui.org) After the article calling on practitioners in China to stop participating in the overseas phone call project was published on Minghui at the end of February 2024, I saw many different reactions from the practitioners around me.

Some insisted that they should keep doing it and maintain their contact with practitioners outside of China. Some didn’t want to give it up as they felt participating in the project helped them cultivate diligently. Some argued that the competitive mentality among practitioners on this platform helped us better cultivate ourselves. Many human attachments and emotions were exposed in the process, together with the efforts of the Chinese Communist Party’s special agents to stir up trouble among us.

The complicated environment in China makes it difficult to save people, which is why it’s also very precious. It’s us who chose to cultivate in China during this special period of time in history. We definitely shouldn’t regret that decision. Only by truly cultivating ourselves well and saving people, can we finish walking our path towards divinity. Our paths have no shortcuts. Master has taught us the Fa. We should look for the answer and gain wisdom from the Fa. Only by letting go of our human thoughts, can we become mature in cultivation.