(Minghui.org) By following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, we Falun Dafa practitioners strive to be better people who are considerate of others. Along the way, we have witnessed many people’s minds and bodies improve. Below are some I have heard of. 

People Practice Dafa and Their Health Improves

Only in her 40s, Chen had serious arthritis in her neck. When she rode to work on her bike, she had to take two breaks on the 20-minute trip. She had to change her position in her chair at work every 30 minutes because of fatigue. Even when she cooked for her family, she had to rest frequently or the pain in her neck would be unbearable. Doctors said the condition could lead to paralysis, but there was nothing they could do. Fortunately, Chen started to practice Falun Dafa in her 50s and the arthritis in her neck disappeared soon afterward. Now 78, she is very healthy and has even grown new teeth and black hair. 

A teacher in her 30s used to get a rash every spring and autumn. It broke out on her face and hands and other exposed skin and itched intolerably. The rash formed ugly, purple-red bumps and was actually frightening to see. When she went to buy groceries, the street vendors did not dare take her money. She tried different medications, but it still took over a month for the rash to disappear and dark stains would remain. 

As her condition worsened over the years, she also developed edema of her throat, which doctors concluded was caused by an allergy. Medical experts said that, if it spread to her internal organs, it could lead to suffocation and death. They recommended immediate hospitalization and treatment with imported interferon that would cost about 30,000 yuan per dose out-of-pocket. She and her husband were both teachers and had less than 20,000 yuan in savings, so that was out of the question. She began to practice Falun Dafa in the spring of 1996 and was illness-free by the fall. Even her allergies to cosmetics, detergents, dust, and tobacco disappeared. Even at 70, she now looks much younger with fair skin. 

Lu had many health problems but the worst was a herniated lumbar disc. She couldn’t move when she had an attack, and just sneezing could bring it on. She could not even take care of her grandson. Once she was treated for it at a hospital for two weeks, but just as she returned home, she somehow injured her back again before she entered the door and had to be taken back to the hospital immediately. Lu recovered completely after she started to practice Dafa. In addition to bending over or twisting her lower back, she could even run after her grandson. 

Mei, a 74-year-old practitioner, had her first child at 37. Then she had leg issues and could not bend her left knee. After she began to practice Dafa, she regained her health and could walk normally. Due to fish scale disease, her daughter-in-law had little bumps on her face, the soles of her feet, her palms, and every sweat pore. Her skin was dry, flaky, and itchy. It looked so bad that she did not dare to wear short sleeves until she was in her 40s and began to practice Dafa and recovered. 

A practitioner’s mother was diagnosed with late-stage cancer in 2020 when she was 83. Following her daughter’s advice, she recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and the surgery went well. Surprised by the result, she began to practice Dafa diligently. Now healthy and full of energy, she often tells people how great Falun Dafa is. 

Liu was born in 1948 and had meningitis when he was 7 or 8. Although he survived, he was left with straight eyes, slow reactions, and a stiff neck. When he heard and believed the facts about Dafa in 2018, he quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations and started to listen to the audio lectures by Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa. Not long after that, he improved dramatically and all his health problems were gone. His wife also recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and regained her health. 

Above are just a few examples. In the book Life and Hope Renewed and on the Minghui website, one can find many stories of people recovering from lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis B, mental illness, leukemia, breast cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer by practicing Falun Dafa.

Practitioners’ Wonderful Experiences

In Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of Falun Dafa, one can read about practitioners who saw their exercise site covered by red light and others who felt their bodies gigantic when they did the exercises.

One practitioner is 70 and has poor vision (20/2000). Nonetheless, he can read Zhuan Falun with no problem. When he reads Dafa books printed in A5 size (about half a regular letter size), each character appears to him to be about half an inch. 

Lan is over 70 and has very little education. As a result, she could barely read Zhuan Falun. She said to herself, “Master, I want to study Dafa but I cannot read. What should I do?” Once when she was half-asleep, she saw characters in the book flying into her brain. When she woke up, she was able to read the book effortlessly.

When one practitioner was facing torture in prison, he begged Master Li for help. The guard put down his torture devices and left. Through his celestial eye, the practitioner saw that Master had suffered for him.