(Minghui.org) I’ve always wanted to write about my cultivation, but felt I was not a good writer. While I meditated this morning, I realized my selfish mentality blocked me, and it was time to eliminate it.

I Begin Practicing Falun Dafa

I returned to my hometown during the SARS outbreak in 2003. At that time, I was suffering from many illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, insufficient blood supply to the brain, etc. Because of the epidemic, I was in a hurry to go home and forgot to bring my medicine. Shortly after I arrived I developed a fever. My family didn’t dare tell anyone. They locked the doors, fearing the neighbors would find out and send me to quarantine. My husband said he would rather have me die at home than go to a hospital.

Many people in my hometown practiced Falun Dafa. They saw that our gate was always locked and sensed something was wrong. Some practitioners came to visit and told us, “Don’t worry. Have her listen to Master’s lectures and she will recover soon!”

Although I listened to Master’s lectures in a daze, I felt everything he said really made sense. The third day as I listened to the lectures, my body felt very light and my mind was clear. It was exactly like the state of being free of illness that Master talked about. I experienced for myself how miraculous Dafa is.

I was so excited. I went to a practitioner’s home and several practitioners were there studying the Fa. I told them, “I feel so great today. My whole body feels relaxed!” I read the Fa with them.

I soon felt that something was spinning in my abdomen. I was surprised and told them about it. When I looked at my belly, it was not moving, but I could clearly feel something spinning. The practitioners said, “You are really predestined to practice Dafa. Master gave you a Falun and is taking care of you!”

Just like that, I began to practice Falun Dafa, a practice that’s so special that one may not encounter it in millions of years. Ever since I received the precious book, Zhuan Falun, I have not stopped reading it.

Before I practiced Dafa, I always wondered how one could become a good person and who was a good person. I was a businesswoman and I did whatever it took to make more money. The first time I read Zhuan Falun, I finally found the answer to my question.

The second time I read Zhuan Falun, I thought, “Isn’t this about cultivation? Doing what the book says is precisely practicing cultivation!” From then on, I set a rule for myself that I never broke: No matter how busy or how tired I was, I must read at least one lecture every day. I also started memorizing the Fa, because I felt I should hold this great Dafa in my heart.

I told my family about the beauty of Dafa, and my sister started to practice.

Saving Sentient Beings

After the persecution began, in order to let people know what Falun Dafa is, my sister and I distributed CDs to clarify the truth. At that time, my sister and I did not know any practitioners in the city we lived in, so we had to drive back to our hometown hundreds of miles away to get the CDs.

At first, practitioners only gave us a few hundred CDs, but we quickly distributed all of them. We asked them to give us more, and we promised to be cautious and stay safe.

We later set up a material production site in our home. My sister made the materials while I went out to distribute them. We cooperated very well. When my sister came home from work, no matter how tired she was, the first thing she did was to turn on the computer. She produced materials until it was very late. The only thing we were focused on was saving people as quickly as possible. We covered every building, and we did not want to leave a single household out.

Breaking Through Tribulations

In order to expose the persecution, some practitioners successfully inserted programs into the television broadcast. This shocked and enraged the high ranking officials in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and they started to madly search for and arrest the practitioners involved. Because I frequently phoned one of these practitioners, I also had to leave home to avoid being arrested.

Another practitioner and I first stayed in the home of a friend of my brother. The situation was challenging. We slept on the floor. It was June, but there was no air conditioner or fans. When I went outside to cool off I was bitten by mosquitoes. The other practitioner said, “Let’s leave as soon as possible. I sense that something is not right.” Sure enough, less than five minutes after we left, the place was surrounded by the CCP police. We thanked Master for protecting us. It was Master’s protection again and again that allowed us to escape danger.

Even though we were in a dangerous situation, we continued to fulfill our mission of saving sentient beings. We took a taxi, and the taxi driver had a pendant of the former CCP leader Mao Zedong hanging in his car. We told him the truth about Mao and about Falun Dafa. He threw away Mao’s pendant and agreed to withdraw from the CCP’s Young Pioneers.

In order to arrest me, the National Security Bureau of the CCP used a lot of manpower and material resources in my hometown. They illegally detained my family members and ransacked my home and my company. They even detained my elderly parents. My two younger brothers both ran companies. My older brother was taken away and detained for three days. He refused to tell them my whereabouts. My younger brother refused to meet them. They called him and said, “You have to cooperate with us.” He told them, “My sister did not do anything wrong. You do not need to see me. I will not tell you anything.”

My husband is usually timid and avoids trouble, so I ran the company. I left home abruptly and I did not have time to explain the situation to him. My son was still in school, and the CCP personnel went to his school and threatened him. I was very worried and wanted to go back and talk to them. I knew this would be very risky because the police were searching for me. During the holidays, my relatives all went to my parents’ home, and they were stopped by plainclothes police for no reason and their cars were searched. I just really wanted to talk to my husband and make sure he understood and could endure everything that was happening.

My older sister found a vehicle so I could drive to my hometown. As soon as I arrived, I understood Master endured a lot just so I could meet my family. I saw a big Falun spinning in the sky above our village.

As soon as my husband saw me, he said, “You now have no other choice but to practice cultivation. They will arrest you if you come home. You should just practice cultivation to the end. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of our family.” My son said, “Mom, don’t be afraid. We believe what you say and we support you.” I wept. I knew Master was telling me to let go of my attachments, cultivate solidly, and save more people.

I felt at ease. I looked inside and found I had so many attachments related to fame and fortune. In the past I used any means to achieve what I wanted and I even lied. I had the attachment to profit, vanity, resentment, complaining, jealousy, and I looked down on others. With so many human attachments and notions, how could I cultivate? I knew there was no other way but to study the Fa more. Only Dafa could break all the obstacles, because the Fa is omnipotent. With Master and Dafa, I could accomplish anything if I held the Fa in my heart.

I felt bathed in Master’s Buddha light every day and I did not feel any bitterness. After studying and memorizing the Fa a lot, I understood the situation and my mind was clear. The energy field when I sent righteous thoughts was stronger and stronger. Sometimes after I put up my hand up to send righteous thoughts, I felt I was surrounded by a strong energy field and could not move my hand at all. I was able to continue for an hour or two.

One day, while I was sending righteous thoughts, through my celestial eye I saw that I dismantled the National Security Bureau. A huge demon asked me, “What benefits have you gained from practicing Falun Dafa? You are hunted down, and your company is closed.” I pointed my sword at the demon and its head came off.

But my mind was affected by ordinary people’s concepts. I thought, “It’s true. I have to keep moving around because I’m being chased by the CCP. Not only did they shut down my company, I don’t know if I’ll have enough to eat.”

This thought only lasted a few second, but when I opened my eyes I saw that my hand had fallen. I was shocked and immediately knew that I was disturbed by the evil factors. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts from the bottom of my heart and said, “Master, help me. That was not me!” I suddenly saw Master. He gently moved his hand from top to bottom, and the black demon turned into a pool of black water. I knew that my tribulation was over.

A practitioner took me to stay with a senior female practitioner. She was very kind and patient, and helped me with everything from daily life to cultivation. We shared based on the Fa’s principles. My human notions were gradually dissolved, and my righteous thoughts became stronger. I then had a thought, “I must go back. How can I be afraid and stopped by evil forces in the human world?” After being chased by the CCP for more than six months, I went home.

People asked me, “The National Security Agency has deployed so much people to arrest you. Will you be okay to go home?” I thought yes, because what we are facing is the evil in other dimensions. In fact, everything among ordinary people is just like an act on stage. If we put our hearts on Dafa and hand ourselves over to Master, do the three things righteously, then everything will be taken care of. It is our hearts that hindered us, and we have compromised our faith in Master and Fa, which caused us to fall into tribulations and we are not able to find a way out.

Facing the “Zero-Out Campaign”

In 2020, the CCP launched it’s “Zero-Out Campaign” targeting practitioners. While we were distributing truth clarifying materials a practitioner’s image was captured by a resident’s security camera, and was posted on WeChat.

The town government began to harass this practitioner. In response to this incident, we realized that we should increase our efforts in sending righteous thoughts; at the same time we should use this opportunity to clarify the truth to the government personnel and try to save them. The other practitioner and I began to write truth clarification letters while the other practitioners sent righteous thoughts to disintegrate all the evil elements in other dimensions.

Due to our limited writing abilities, it took us several weeks to finish. However, in the process of printing the document, we lost the file and could not find it again.

When we examined ourselves we realized this happened because our mindsets were not pure. The other practitioners all had various understandings of this incident. One told me, “You should just go there to talk to them.” But I felt she had a strong fear mentality. She was even afraid when we talked loudly inside her home.

I was a bit annoyed and said, “Let’s go together.” She responded, “I won’t go. I have too many attachments.” I muttered in my heart, “Of course I knew you wouldn’t dare to go. You just like to talk!”

When I thought about it later, wasn’t I very self-righteous? I looked down on her and I wasn’t compassionate. I also had a strong fighting mentality. How could I save people when I had such a domineering attitude?

I started writing again. During the process, I looked inside whenever I encountered something, no matter how big or small. My mindset became purer, and I was able to finish the letter quickly. The other practitioners were happy with the letter.

After we mailed the letter, we went to talk to the town CCP secretary, but he was not there. We returned the next day and were told that he was attending a conference. We stayed there and sent righteous thoughts for over an hour. While I was sending righteous thoughts, my celestial eye saw a large banner about four or five meters long and two or three meters wide. On the banner it had traditional Chinese characters that said “Heaven Will Destroy the CCP.” It circled twice above the office. It then became as big as the whole building, glowing with golden light. I enlightened that this was Master dismantling the evil elements in other dimensions.

On the third day we went to see the secretary again and this time he was there. I told him the reason for our visit, and he said, “Let me call the deputy secretary and have him talk to you.” The deputy secretary was the person who was physically going to practitioners’ homes and harassing them. He soon arrived and we began to clarify the truth.

Just after we said a few sentences, the secretary said to the deputy secretary, “Falun Dafa is indeed miraculous. When the persecution first began in 1999, I was a lead in another place, and one person always swore at Falun Dafa. A practitioner warned him but he didn’t listen. A few days later, his face was paralyzed, which was normally treatable, but somehow the treatment did not work on him. He died three years later.”

When he finished talking, his cell phone rang, and he went out to answer it. I said to the deputy secretary, “Let me help you withdraw from the CCP to stay safe.” He immediately said, “Auntie, I will listen to you. Help me withdraw.” The secretary came back after a couple of minutes. We continued to clarify the truth to them, and the secretary agreed with me. He then told us that he took care of the cases of other practitioners and we did not need to worry about it.

I asked the deputy secretary, “Can I talk to the security alone?” He said, “Sure.” I talked to the secretary and asked him to withdraw from the CCP, and he said, “Yes, help me withdraw.”

I knew that our compassionate Master was doing all this. Once our xinxing reaches a certain level, Master will help us. When we follow Master’s requirements and Dafa’s standards in our cultivation, we will become very capable in saving sentient beings!

I have maintained my strong faith over these many years. No matter how long the journey of cultivation is, I will follow our Master until the end.

Due to my limited level, if anything is not in accordance with the Fa, please kindly point it out.