(Minghui.org) Zhang is my best friend. When she visited me last spring, I read her a recent article by Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, “How Humankind Came To Be.” She agreed with it wholeheartedly.

Eyes wide with excitement, she said, “This is great; it really makes sense. It’s not like the Divine would give us anything we hope for—one needs to be virtuous to get that. Do you have any more copies so I can share it?” I gave her four.

When I visited Zhang again, she asked for 10 more copies. We also went to a popular tourist site and distributed more. When I thought about this two days later, I realized how great it was that Zhang had done such a good deed and wondered if the Divine might have encouraged her in a dream.

So I called her and asked if she’d had any special dreams lately. Surprised, she said, “How did you know? I did have a great dream! It was the best dream ever, because I think I went to Heaven. The mountains, seas, buildings, and just everything were breathtaking—so magnificent. I was there and it was wonderful beyond description. 

“When my sister called and woke me up, I was so upset that I threw my cell phone. I want to go back to that heavenly place.” Zhang looked up and said aloud, “Divine beings, please take me away so that I can stop suffering in the human world. I want to return to my dream—to that divine place.”

Master’s new article has awakened people. Their knowing side is choosing a good future. I know this is the power of Falun Dafa and I really want to thank Master Li for his compassion.