(Minghui.org) In the past, we rarely talked about our cultivation experiences in our Fa-study group. I would leave immediately after I studied the Fa. I just did the three things as Master had asked practitioners to do. I felt that I had nothing to say. But after an elderly practitioner came, our Fa study group changed. Fellow practitioners in the group could gain new understandings during Fa-study and were able to improve their xinxing.

The elderly practitioner also noticed that practitioners in our group didn’t browse the Minghui website and asked what reason we had for that. A practitioner said she had no time. The elderly practitioner said that it was very important to read the Minghui website even if we didn’t have time. I also thought I had no time to read, but I said I had no computer. So she asked a practitioner to help me buy a computer. 

I went out to clarify the truth in the morning, went to a group study in the afternoon, and studied the Fa in the evening, so I didn’t have extra time to read the Minghui website. I found a number of excuses for not reading articles on the Minghui website. However, I eventually bought a computer. My decision was not out of a desire to read practitioners’ sharing, but to save face.

The elderly practitioner taught me how to connect to the Minghui website, read Master’s new scriptures, and read practitioners’ sharing articles. At first I looked at it occasionally and didn’t pay much attention. Later, I came across some excellent sharing articles. I realized that it is not because the fellow practitioners wrote well, but they cultivated well. This was a great encouragement for me.

Now, I browse the Minghui website every day to read fellow practitioners’ articles. By going to the Minghui website, I gained a better understanding of the current situation and events, and my xinxing has improved rapidly. I hope fellow practitioners will also utilize the platform that Master provides us for our improvement.

You will have a clear understanding if you have the Fa in your heart. I read articles on the Minghui website, and keep up with the process of Fa-rectification. I would recommend that fellow practitioners read the Minghui website more frequently.